Weird Things Softball Players Do Before Games

Weird Things Softball Players Do Before Games
Nearly every softball player has a pregame ritual. And you can bet that some of these rituals are a little odd. We asked a number of our favorite softball players what they did before games, and here's what they had to say.

1. Kylee Lahners' pregame ritual is unique.

So when I play I have to have gum and it can't be minty gum. Big League Chew is my all-time favorite. Bubblicious gum is my back up. The gum has to go in my mouth before the first pitch is thrown so I typically put it in right before they do the lineups. Based on how the game is going determines how long I keep my gum in. So if the team is killing it and I'm doing not the best the gum stays in. If we go down in the first inning by a lot, I spit that gum out and grab another. There have been times when I left the same Big League Chew in my mouth for the entire game and you know how hard that gum gets. My jaw the next day was killing me.

Every time I run out on the field I have to touch second base on the way to my position.

The worst is once the game starts I can't go to the bathroom. I have been doing this since travel ball. I go to the bathroom before the game and once the game starts I can't go, so there [were] multiple times where I'm in like the second inning and have to go to the bathroom but I can't go until the game is over. Don't worry -- I have never had any accidents on the field.

2. The perfect jam is everything.

3. Across the board, most players like a little boost to be game ready. We'll call them caf-fiends.

Chip Bennett has a Dr. Pepper before and during the game as well as a Body Armor sports drink.

Jenna Lilley, Jordan Taylor, and Megan Betsa have a coffee before every game.

4. Brejaé Washington must do two sprints before every game.

5. Sahvanna Jaquish must take ground balls before every game whether she's catching or listed as the DP.

6. Jolene Henderson and Alex Powers like to do a pre-game headstand.

7. Sometimes pregame power naps are necessary. Just ask Bailey Landry.

8. Bianka Bell enjoys a good book before a game.

9. Kelly Kretschman showers right before leaving for the field.

10. Shelby Pendley and Sierra Romero love them some gum. We're talking two to three pieces deep.

11. Courtney Gano cannot have dry hands, so she puts lotion on before the game and sometimes during. It's all about the moisturizer ladies.

12. Some players need to off-load. In that case, a pregame dump is necessary.

If you have an unusual pregame routine, comment below or email -- you may see your weird ritual in this article.

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