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2017 Tulsa Elite Summer Invite

Tulsa Elite Summer Invite 2017
2017 Tulsa Elite Summer Invite to stream LIVE June 9-11 at Arrowhead Park in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The Annual Tulsa Elite Summer Invite started in 2011 and has grown to one of the Nation's Top recruiting events of the year.

All games are played at one complex, Arrowhead Park in Broken Arrow OK. Arrowhead was recently recognized as the 2014 ASA/USA National Complex of the Year. There are twelve true fastpitch fields with 200-225' fences. This tournament plays extended game times of 1 hour 35 min or 7 innings finish the inning.

Each team plays five showcase style pool games (Free Substitution & No Free Bases) followed by a pre-seeded single elimination bracket (Standard ASA Rules). The pre-seeding allows teams to use the pool/showcase games to move some players around for the college coaches to see.

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16U Prospects Division

Arkansas Angels 16U
Crush Elite
Magic Softball
Tulsa Elite NWA
Co Stars Beavers
Extreme Elite 16U Gold
Lady Hitmen
Kansas Renegades
Select Fastpitch
Top Gun Academy Angels
Tulsa Elite 316 16U Prospects
Wichita Mustangs
Louisiana Bombers 16U Gold
Louisiana Titans 16U Gold
KC Gold
KC Peppers
KC Zephyrs Corona
KC Zephyrs Wade
Originals Simbeck
Prospects Elite
St. Louis Chaos Beatty
St. Louis Chaos Slover
Top Gun Academy Sciara
Nebraska Gold 16U - Gerdes
Nebraska Locos '00
Nebraska Quakes Prime Mizuno
Team Nebraska 16U Gold
Gametime Stars 16U Gold Williams
Gametime Stars Gold 2020
Athletics 16U Gold Madden
Diamond Girls 2000
Exclusive Gold Davis
Exclusive Gold Hughes
Force 2000
Force 2001
Oultimate Gold
Tulsa Elite 16U Prospects
Tulsa Elite Jacks
Tulsa Shootout 16U Gold
Germantown Red Devils 16U
American Freedom 16U Futures
Angels Fastpitch Soliz
Centex Buzz 16U Gold
Firecrackers DFW Evridge
Firecrackers WTX Lopez
Impact Gold Williams
Pro Form 16U Glasco
Sneaky Cleats Gold Springer
Stingers Gold
Texas Blaze White
Texas Bombers Sluggers Moreno
Texas Elite Gold Bancroft
Texas Glory 16U Futures
Texas Glory 16U Naudin
Vision Elite Bushey
Vision Gold Poole

14U Futures Division

Tulsa Elite NWA '04 - 12U
Colorado Stars 02
Iowa Premier Black 13U
Midland Magic 02
Wichita Mustangs 14U
St. Louis Chaos 02 - Clack
St. Louis Chaos 02 - Eagan
St. Louis Fusion Gold 02
Top Gun Academy Turner
Bombers 14U Gold MS
Nebraska Gold 14U Nuismer
Team Nebraska 14U Gold
Gametime Stars 2021
Gametime Stars Gold 14U Walde
Athletics Madden 14U Gold
Exclusive Gold 14U Hughes
Oklahoma Force 02
Tulsa Elite '04 - 12U
Tulsa Elite 14U Prospects
Tulsa Elite 2021
Tulsa Shootout 14U
Germantown Red Devils 14U
American Freedom Shaw
FC DFW 14U Brown
Impact Gold DFW - Middlebrook
Impact Gold DFW - Bentancourt
Pro Form 14U - Hornbaker
Sneaky Cleats Futures
Team Mizuno Impulse 02
Texas Black Widows - Gurley
Texas Blaze Futures
Texas Bombers STX 14U
Texas Dirt Devils
Texas Glory - Harms
Texas Glory 14U Futures
Texas Glory 14U Naudin
Texas Glory Adkins 14U Gold
Texas Glory White
Texas Sudden Impact

Friday, June 9

Time Field Matchup     Age Group
8:00 2 Tulsa Elite NWA vs IL Extreme Elite 16U
8:00 3 Tulsa Elite 316 vs OK A's Madden 16 16U
8:00 4 Tulsa Elite OKC 2021 vs OK A's Madden 14 14U
8:00 11 Exclusive Hughes vs Centex Buzz 16U
8:00 12 Exclusive Davis vs TX Blaze White 16U
8:30 5 KC Zephyrs Corona vs OK Force '01 16U
8:30 8 Team NEB 16 Gold vs Tulsa Shootout 16 16U
10:00 2 Tulsa Elite NWA vs STL Chaos Beatty 16U
10:00 3 Tulsa Elite 316 vs STL Chaos Slover 16U
10:00 4 Tulsa Elite OKC 2021 vs STL Chaos Clack 14U
10:00 11 Exclusive Hughes vs Magic Softball 16U
10:00 12 Exclusive Davis vs Diamond Girls 00 16U
10:30 5 KC Zephyrs Corona vs FC DFW Evridge 16U
10:30 8 Team NEB 16 Gold vs Texas Bombers Sluggers 16U
12:00 1 FC DFW Brown vs STL Chaos Eagan 14U
12:00 2 Texas Blaze White vs STL Chaos Beatty 16U
12:00 3 OK A's Madden 16 vs STL Chaos Slover 16U
12:00 4 OK A's Madden 14 vs STL Chaos Clack 14U
12:00 11 Illinois Extreme Elite vs Magic Sotball 16U
12:00 12 Centex Buzz vs Diamond Girls 00 16U
12:30 5 OK Force '01 vs FC DFW Evridge 16U
12:30 8 Tulsa Shootout 16 vs TX Bombers Sluggers 16U
2:00 1 Tulsa Elite 14 Pro vs GT Stars Walde 14U
2:00 2 Tulsa Elite Jacks vs GT Stars Wes 16U
2:00 3 Tulsa Elite 16 Pro vs GT Stars 2020 16U
2:00 4 Tulsa Elite 2021 vs GT Stars 2021 14U
2:00 11 LA Bombers vs Wichita Mustangs 16U
2:00 12 OK Ultimate vs Nebraska Quakes 16U
2:30 5 NEB Locos vs Crush Elite 16U
2:30 8 Prospects Elite vs KS Renegades 16 16U
4:00 1 Tulsa Elite 14 Pro vs NEB Gold 14U 14U
4:00 2 Tulsa Elite Jacks vs NEB Gold-Gerdes 16U
4:00 3 Tulsa Elite 16 Pro vs Germantown 16 16U
4:00 4 Tulsa Elite 2021 vs TX Sudden Impact 14U
4:00 11 Top Gun Angels vs Wichita Mustangs 16U
4:00 12 Impact Gold Williams vs Nebraska Quakes 16U
4:30 5 NEB Locos vs Vision Elite Bushey 16U
4:30 8 Prospects Elite vs Pro-Form Glasco 16U
6:00 1 TX Glory Naudin 14 vs GT Stars Walde 14U
6:00 2 TX Glory Naudin 16 vs GT Stars Wes 16U
6:00 3 TX Glory 16 Futures vs GT Stars 2020 16U
6:00 4 TX Glory 14 Futures vs GT Stars 2021 14U
6:00 11 LA Bombers vs Select Fastpitch 16U
6:00 12 OK Ultimate vs Angels Solis 16U
6:30 5 KC Peppers vs Crush Elite 16U
6:30 8 Top Gun - Sciara vs KS Renegades 16 16U
8:00 1 TX Glory Naudin 14 vs Midland Magic 02 14U
8:00 2 Tx Glory Naudin 16 vs KC Gold 16U
8:00 3 TX Glory 16 Futures vs KC Zephyrs Wade 16U
8:00 4 TX Glory 14 Futures vs Impact Gold JM 14U
8:00 11 Impact Gold Williams vs TX Stingers 16U
8:00 12 Tog Gun Angels vs Sneaky Cleats 16U
8:30 5 KC Peppers vs LA Titans 16U
8:30 8 Top Gun - Sciara vs Co Stars 16 16U
10:00 1 NEB Gold 14U vs Midland Magic 02 14U
10:00 2 NEB Gold - Gerdes vs KC Gold 16U
10:00 3 Germantown 16 vs KC Zephyrs Wade 16U
10:00 4 TX Sudden Impact vs Impact Gold JM 14U
10:00 11 Select Fastpitch vs TX Stingers 16U
10:00 12 Angels Solis vs Sneaky Cleats 16U
10:30 5 Vision Elite Bushey vs LA Titans 16U
10:30 8 Pro-Form Glasco vs Co Stars 16 16U

Saturday, June 10

TimeFieldMatchup  Age Group
10:001GT Stars WaldevsSTL Chaos Eagan14U
10:002GT Stars WesvsSTL Chaos Beatty16U
10:003GT Stars 2020vsSTL Chaos Slover16U
10:004GT Stars 2021vsSTL Chaos Clack14U
10:0011Exclusive HughesvsImpact Gold Williams16U
10:0012Exclusive DavisvsMagic Softball16U
10:305Crush ElitevsFC DFW Evridge16U
10:308Team NEB 16 GoldvsOK Force '0016U
12:001Tulsa Elite 14 ProvsMidland Magic 0214U
12:002Tulsa Elite JacksvsKC Gold16U
12:003Tulsa Elite 16 ProvsKC Zephyrs Wade16U
12:004Tulsa Elite 2021vsImpact Gold JM14U
12:0011OK UltimatevsTX Stingers16U
12:0012LA BombersvsSneaky Cleats16U
12:005NEB LocosvsLa Titans16U
12:008Prospects ElitevsCo Stars 1616U
2:001TX Glory Naudin 14vsNEB Gold 14U14U
2:002TX Glory Naudin 16vsNEB Gold - Gerdes16U
2:003TX Glory 16 FuturesvsGermantown 1616U
2:004TX Glory 14 FuturesvsTX Sudden Impact14U
2:0011 vs 16U
2:0012 vs 16U
2:305KC PeppersvsVision Elite Bushey16U
2:308Top Gun SciaravsPro-Form Glasco16U


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