PGF 2017 Premier Nationals 14U

PGF 2017 Nationals 14U
PGF Premier 2017 Nationals 14U to stream LIVE August 2-4 from Fountain Valley Sports Park on fields 1-4.


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Ashley Creamer Elite Softball (ACES) 14U Vargas14U PremierCA
Athletics - Mercado 202014U PremierCA
Atlanta Vipers Holbrook14U PremierGA
Beverly Bandits Harkness14U14U PremierIL
Beverly Bandits Moran14U PremierIL
Beverly Bandits Stephens 14U14U PremierIL
Birmingham Bolts 0214U PremierAL
CA Breeze 14u Premier Birch14U PremierCA
CA Grapettes Guevara14U PremierCA
CCA Augustine 14U14U PremierCA
Corona Angels 14U (Tyson)14U PremierCA
Corona Angels Humphreys14U PremierCA
Corona Angels Perez14U PremierCA
Corona Angels (Rogers- Edwards)14U PremierCA
Demarini Aces 14U14U PremierKS
Diamond Sports Hotshots Gold - Dumezich14U PremierTX
EC Bullets 02 Byars14U PremierGA
EC Bullets 2020 - Aycock14U PremierGA
Firecrackers Brashear/Thornburg14U PremierCA
Firecrackers-Sewell14U PremierGA
Firecrackers TJ14U PremierCA
Fury 02 Sargent14U PremierTN
Gametime Stars 14u Gold - Walde14U PremierOK
Georgia Impact Newland14U PremierGA
Glory Adkins/Berkhiser14U PremierGA
Illinois Chill Gold 14U14U PremierIL
Impact Gold DFW - Middlebrook14U PremierTX
Impact Gold HTX Jacoby14U PremierTX
Impact Gold National Gold Team14U PremierTX
Indiana Magic Gold Rudd14U PremierIN
ITSA Sting 1614U PremierCA
Jersey Intensity - KOD National14U PremierNJ
Lady Hustle 14U Mattos14U PremierCA
Lady Magic14U PremierCA
LLG Futures14U PremierNC
Mizuno Storm Mathis14U PremierAZ
NW Batbusters 14U Wilson14U PremierWA
NW Bullets14U PremierOR
OC Batbusters-0214U PremierCA
OC Batbusters-Campbell-0314U PremierCA
OC Batbusters Young14U PremierCA
Ohana Tigers Quarles14U PremierCA
Ohio Hawks 14u Gold14U PremierOH
Oklahoma Force 200214U PremierOK
Panthers Gold 14U14U PremierCA
PA Strikers 14U Premier/Marsalo14U PremierPA
Ruthless 2020 - Bustos14U PremierCA
So Cal Athletics Angulo14U PremierCA
So Cal Athletics Briggs14U PremierCA
So Cal Chopper Fausett14U PremierCA
So Cal Choppers- Black14U PremierCA
SoCal Firecrackers Jensen14U PremierCA
Sorcerer14U PremierCA
South Dakota Renegades 200314U PremierND
Sparks Elite 02 / Barnes14U PremierAL
Suncats- Jimenez 202014U PremierCA
Suncats- Nieto14U PremierCA
Tampa Mustangs Hennigar14U PremierFL
Tampa Mustangs TJ14U PremierFL
Team Long Island DeMarini14U PremierNY
Team Seattle14U PremierWA
Texas Aces Express14U PremierTX
Texas Blaze Bonola 14-U14U PremierTX
Texas Blaze Futures 1414U PremierTX
Texas Bombers 14 Gold14U PremierTX
Texas Dirt Divas14U PremierTX
Texas Glory 14U Naudin14U PremierTX
Texas Impact Gold National - 14u Navy14U PremierTX
Texas Sudden Impact14U PremierTX
Universal Fastpitch 14U Garcia14U PremierCA
Washington Patriots 0214U PremierWA

Wednesday, August 2 (All times are PT)

Time Field Matchup
10:15 AM 1 PA Strikers vs Beverly Bandits Moran
10:15 AM 2 Impact Gold DFW vs WA Patriots
10:15 AM 3 Panthers Gold vs So Cal A's Angulo
10:15 AM 4 LTG Lions vs NW Batbusters
12:30 PM 1 TX Blaze Futures vs EC Bullets Aycock
12:30 PM 2 Sorcerer vs Corona Angels Humphrey
12:30 PM 3 Mizuno Storm vs Firecrackers Sewell
12:30 PM 4 Texas Bombers Gold vs TX Impact National Gold
2:45 PM 1 Illinois Chill vs Corona Angels Tyson
2:45 PM 2 OC Batbusters 02 vs Oklahoma Force
2:45 PM 3 Bandits - Stephens vs Fury 02
2:45 PM 4 Tampa Mustangs Hennigar vs Texas Dirt Divas
5:00 PM 1 CCA Augustine vs Team Long Island
5:00 PM 2 Gametime Stars vs Indiana Magic
5:00 PM 3 Impact Gold HTX vs Universal Fastpitch
5:00 PM 4 So Cal A's Briggs vs OC Batbusters Young
7:15 PM 1 DS Hotshots Gold vs Beverly Bandits Moran
7:15 PM 2 Impact Gold DFW vs Athletics Mercado 2020
7:15 PM 3 Firecrackers Brashear vs So Cal A's Angulo
7:15 PM 4 LTG Lions vs Ohana Tigers Quarles

Thursday, August 3

Time Field Matchup
10:15 AM 1 CCA Augustine vs Indiana Magic
10:15 AM 2 Universal Fastpitch vs So Cal A's Briggs
10:15 AM 3 Corona Angels Rogers vs So Cal Choppers Fausett
10:15 AM 4 Aces Ashley vs Cal Breeze Birch
12:30 PM 1 Texas Blaze Futures vs Atlanta Vipers
12:30 PM 2 DS Hotshots Gold vs Athletics Mercado 2020
12:30 PM 3 Team Seattle vs Texas Impact National Gold
12:30 PM 4 So Cal A's Angulo vs Ohana Tigers Quarles
2:45 PM 1 CCA Augustine vs Atlanta Vipers
2:45 PM 2 OC Batbusters 02 vs DS Hotshots Gold
2:45 PM 3 Universal Fastpitch vs TX Impact Gold
2:45 PM 4 Fury 02 vs Ohana Tiger Quarles
5:00 PM 1 Corona Angels Tyson vs Texas Dirt Divas
5:00 PM 2 Ohio Hawks vs Georgia Impact Newland
5:00 PM 3 Indiana Magic vs So Cal A's Briggs
5:00 PM 4 So Cal Choppers Fausett vs Aces Ashley

Friday, August 4

Time Field Matchup
8:00 AM 1 Aces Ashley vs Universal Fastpitch
8:00 AM 2 So Cal A's Briggs vs Tampa Mustangs TJ
8:00 AM 3 Ohio Hawks vs OC Batbusters 02
8:00 AM 4 Corona Angels Tyson vs Firecrackers TJ
10:15 AM 1 OC Batbusters 02 vs Corona Angels Tyson
10:15 AM 2 Aces Ashley vs Tampa Mustangs TJ
10:15 AM 3 Texas Dirt Divas vs Georgia Impact Newland
10:15 AM 4 Indiana Magic vs So Cal Choppers Fausett
12:30 PM 3 Tampa Mustangs TJ vs Indiana Magic
12:30 PM 4 OC Batbusters 02 vs Georgia Impact
2:45 PM 3 Texas Dirt Divas vs Indiana Magic  
2:45 PM 4 So Cal Choppers Fausett vs OC Batbusters 02

5:00 PM 4 So Cal Choppers Fausett vs OC Batbusters 02

Saturday, August 5, 4:00 PM PT — Texas Dirt Divas


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