Rising Stars 2017

Rising Stars 2017
Rising Stars 2017 to stream LIVE October 21-22 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Central Park (Fields 2-5). Florida and Florida State will face off on October 21.


By far the best matchup in the fall, Florida and Florida State face-off on October 21 at 7:00 PM CT LIVE on FloSoftball. These two teams have traded blows over the last several years with the Noles getting the last win but it was the Gators who went on to the Women's College World Series.

Both squads lost one of their aces and both picked up fresh arms to go into battle on Saturday. Florida lost Delanie Gourley and gained another ace in Natalie Lugo. Florida State graduated Jessica Burroughs and added transfer Kylee Hanson.

Expect to see newcomers thrust into the limelight early. Last year, Cassidy Davis got the start for the Noles and she shut out the gators during the innings she threw. Don't be surprised to see Natalie Lugo or Katie Chronister get the start for the Gators. Savanna Copeland and Kylee Hanson will probably log in some innings for the Noles.

This in-state rivalry will not disappoint with the talent stacked on both rosters.


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Team NameDivision
Gold Coast Hurricanes12
Coral Springs Panthers  0512
Florida Power Black 05 - German12
Cruisers 0512
Wellington Wild 05 12
Boca Impact 14U14
Crossfire 14u14
Cruisers Mccure14
Diamond Dusters 14u14
Florida Power Black 14U-Legacki14
Florida Power Black 2022 - German14
Gold Coast Hurricanes - Jordan14
Gold Coast Hurricanes 14u - Goodall14
Gold Coast Hurricanes Moore14
Lady Lightning 14
Miam Stingrays Black14
Miami Stingrays Red14
Louisiana Voodoo Gold Lee14
Riptide Murphy14
Santa Fe Inferno Manetta14
Santa Fe Inferno Damiano 14U14
Sarasota Heat 03-Miller14
South Florida Wicked14
Tampa Mustangs Eve 0314
Team North Florida14
Wagners - Swieczkowski14
West Boynton Lady Bandits '0414
Weston Explosion Morales14
Weston Explosion 14U Black14
Atlanta Vipers '01-Lucas16
Fl Red Rage Black16
Fl Red Rage Red16
Florida Power Black - Kaser16
Florida Select 16U16
Florida Select Tampa16
Gators-Gold Flannery-Conley16
Gold Coast Hurricanes Whipple16
Gold Coast Hurricanes- Armstrong16
Gold Coast Hurricanes Rodriguez16
Gold Coast hurricanes-Devesa16
Hatters Gold Birle16
Jensen Beach Wildcats16
Lady Gators Jackson-Conrad16
Louisiana Voodoo Gold Barksdale16
Miami Stingrays 16U - Frank16
NJ Heist Futures16
Orange City Thunder16
Palm Beach Falcons16
Panthers Fastpitch-Stevens16
Plantation Pressure Powell16
South Florida Wicked16
Santa Fe Inferno Lovett16
Tampa Mustangs TJ16
TN MOJO 0116
Wagner's- Galbreath / Thomas16
Wagner's Gold Rodriguez16
Wagner's Gold-Oakes16
West Boynton Lady Bandits 16u16
Gold Coast Hurricanes Crespo14
Boca Impact16
Florida Impact 16
West Boynton Lady Bandits - Berger16
Miami Waves 16
BreakAway Speed18
Case Batbusters18
Clearwater Bombers-Mason18
Finesse 18U - Bressler/Dreher18
Firecrackers Cazares18
Florida Gold John18
Florida Gold-Webb18
Florida Select18
Florida Select Tampa-Davis18
Florida Storm Orlando18
Fsa legends18
Gold Coast Hurricanes Farias18
Gold Coast Hurricanes - Schmalz 18u18
Gold Coast Hurricanes Cooper18
Gold Coast Hurricanes Herrera18
Lady Gators Jackson18
Lake County Tigers Lorenzo18
Lake County Tigers Navy Scott18
Lightspeed Gold18
Miami Stingray Gold Varsi18
Miami Stingray Gold Urso18
NJ Fight-Doty18
NJ Power Gold18
Osceola Overdrive18
Palm Beach Bandits Fast Pitch 18U18
Plantation Pressure Dewalt18
Plantation Pressure Gold18
Rock Gold - Premier18
Sarasota heat dover18
Southern Shockers 18u (Diez)18
Team North Florida18
Team Phoenix18
Top Gun 18U Elite18
Wagner's Gold - Thomas18
Wildfire Pollock 18U18
Gators Gold Flannery 18
Diamond Dusters Norman18

Saturday, October 21 (All times are EST)

Time Field Matchup Age Group
7:50 AM 2 NJ Heist Gold vs Gold Coast Hurricanes Cooper
7:50 AM
3 Wagners - Kiple vs Firecrackers Ceares
7:50 AM
4 Michigan Finesse vs Florida Select Davis
7:50 AM
5 Louisiana Voodoo Barkside vs Florida Impact Feldman
10:00 2 Gold Coast Hurricanes Cooper vs Case Batbusters CA
3 Florida Storm vs Miami Stingrays
4 Florida Select Davis vs Wagners Kiple
5 Gold Coast Hurricanes Hammond vs Hatter Gold Birle
12:40 2 Clearwater Lady Bombers - Mason vs NJ Heist Gold
3 Miami Stingrays vs Firecrackers Cezares
4 Florida Select Davis vs Wagners Kiple
5 Gold Coast Hurricanes Hammond vs Gold Coast Hurricanes Hammond

3 Firecrackers Cezares vs Michigan Finesse

5 Florida Impact Feldman vs Tampa Mustangs TJ

5:00 3 Florida Select Davis
vs Florida Storm
5:00 4 Wagners Kiple  vs Miami Stingrays
5:00 5 Sante Fe Inferno Lovett vs Gold Coast Hurricanes Hammond

7:00 PM Field 2 Florida vs Florida State

Sunday, October 22 (All times are EST)

Time Field Matchup Age Group
8:00 2 Miami Stingrays Urso vs Team Phoenix
8:00 3 Miami Stingrays Frank
vs Gators Gold Conley
8:00 4 Florida Select Tampa vs Gold Coast Hurricanes Crespo
8:00 5 Rock Gold Gaskill  vs Florida Gold John
10:15 2 Miami Stingray Urso vs Team Phoenix
10:15 3 Tennessee Mojo vs Miami Stingrays Frank
10:15 4 Florida Select Tampa
vs West Boynton Lady Bandits Berger
10:15 5 Lady Gators Jackson vs Rock Gold Gaskill

12:30 3 Gators Gold Conley vs Gold Coast Hurricanes Crespo
12:30 4 West Boynton Lady Bandits Berger vs Tennessee Mojo

2:00 2 Florida  vs FIU

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