2017 DeMarini Invitational

NJ Intensity 16U comes up with a grand slam in the bottom of the fifth to defeat MI Finesse 16U.

DayTimeField   Score
Sat. July 89:451FL Impact 16UvsTampa Mustangs TJ 14U4 - 4
Sat. July 89:452TX Sudden Impact 16UvsNJ Intensity 16U8 - 2
Sat. July 89:453FL Batbusters Conrad 16UvsIL Chill Gold 16U3 - 4
Sat. July 89:454Batbusters - Campbell 14UvsRenegades6 - 0
Sat. July 811:301IN Magic Gold 16UvsSTL Chaos Beatty 16U8 - 8
Sat. July 811:302NJ Intensity 14UvsNE Gold 16U5 - 4
Sat. July 81:151RI Thunder 18UvsAZ Cats 18U1 - 2
Sat. July 81:152IL Chill Gold 14UvsTX Sudden Impact 16U0 - 1
Sat. July 81:153KC Peppers 18UvsFL Batbusters 16U9 - 0
Sat. July 81:154TX Mizuno ImpulsevsWA Ladyhawks 16U7 - 1
Sat. July 83:001FL Impact 16UvsWA Ladyhawks 18U4 - 7
Sat. July 83:002NE Gold 16UvsNC Lady Lightning3 - 2
Sat. July 83:003Thunderbolts 98vsKY Southern Force 16U6 - 5
Sat. July 83:004IL Bandits Conroy 18UvsCO Stars13 - 0
Sat. July 84:451KC Peppers 18UvsBatbusters - Campbell 14U1 - 13
Sat. July 84:452AZ Cats 18UvsBandits Premier JT 16U1 - 9
Sat. July 84:453TX Mizuno Impulse 18UvsOH Bandits - Dorsey3 - 5
Sat. July 84:454Texas Sudden Impact 16UvsBandits Premier Allen 18U0 - 1
Sat. July 86:301NJ Intensity 14UvsMN Lady Lightning 18U7-2
Sat. July 86:302STL Chaos BeattyvsOH Bandits Alvelo0-5
Sat. July 86:303MI Finesse 16UvsNJ Intensity 16U3-5
Sat. July 86:304NJ Intensity 18UvsCO Stars 18U1-0
Sat. July 88:151NE Gold 16UvsBandits Premier JT 16U4-12
Sat. July 88:152Bandits Allen 18UvsIL Bandits Conroy 18U 3 - 2
Sat. July 88:153Batbusters - Campbell 14UvsWA Ladyhawks9-1
Sat. July 88:154OH Bandits - Dorsey 16UvsThunderbolts 98 6 - 0
Sun. July 98:001OH Bandits Avelo 18UvsNJ Intensity 16U 3-1
Sun. July 98:002MN Lady Lightning 18UvsCA Grapettes 18U 5-0
Sun. July 98:003NJ Intensity 18UvsIL Chill Gold 16U 9-1
Sun. July 98:004SD Renegades 16UvsTampa Mustangs 16U 0-4
Sun. July 99:451Bandits JT 16UvsBandits Allen 18U 4-5
Sun. July 99:452Batbusters - Campbell 14UvsOH Bandits - Dorsey 16U 2-10
Sun. July 99:453OH Bandits Avelo 18UvsMN Lady Lightning 18U 10-2
Sun. July 99:454NJ Intensity 18UvsTampa Mustangs 16U 0-7
Sun. July 911:301Bandits Allen 18Uvs OH Bandits - Dorsey 16U 4-3
Sun. July 911:302OH Bandits Avelo 18Uvs Tampa Mustangs 16U 11-2
Sun. July 91:151OH Bandits Avelo 18U
vs Bandits Allen 18UCo-Champions
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