Daily Update 09.27.13

Daily Update 09.27.13

Sep 27, 2013 by Brentt Eads
Daily Update 09.27.13

We close out this last full weekend in September with a profile of a club team in NorCal that is putting a lot of players in the Pac-12, get to know better a future Oklahoma pitcher who calls Kansas home but “works” in California, enjoy the story of a young player who’s Big 12 bound and look at who is working out today at the OnDeck Dallas Jamboree…





Just like it’s name says, the All American Sports Academy combines several features into one-stop softball shopping: an indoor facility for softball and baseball, cage rentals, camps, clinics, recruiting workshops, private lessons and eight travel teams to put the instruction and education to use.

Debbie Nelson, founder of the All American Sports Academy in Tracy, Calif.
Debbie Nelson, founder of the All American Sports Academy in Tracy, Calif.

As many as 300 athletes workout at the facility each week.

Started in 1997 by Debbie Nelson, a former NCAA All-American second baseman

and coach at San Jose State and in the National Pro Fastpitch Leage, the facility is located in Tracy, Calif. in the Northern part of the state.

“Debbi Nelson is the face of the Academy and everything comes under umbrella and is the person who got everything going,” says Bryan Merrida, who is the Head Coach for the All American Sports Academy (AASA) Gold team.

Merrida was coaching a club team called the Cal Lite, which is still in existence, when he was invited in the fall of 2005 to start an 18U team at the Academy.  With nine of the players at Cal Lite graduating out, Merrida had only two returning players to build around.

“One was my daughter, Christina, who went on to East Carolina,” he remembers.  “The other was infielder Katie Crabb who helped Arizona State win a National Championship.”

Katie Crabb (AS) Fanbase.comThe two played in the spring of 2006 and then they were gone, meaning Coach Merrida pretty much had to start from scratch, but pulling players out of Sacramento, Stockton and Tracy, he began to see results.  Eventually, players started coming from longer distances such as the Bay Area and Reno, Nev.

“There’s a reason it’s called a ‘travel team,’” he laughs.  “We do have players that come a long way to practice.”

One of the reasons for the team’s success has been stability.  Since the team was started eight years ago, the coaching staff has remained intact even though their daughters have long stopped playing.”

Some of the notable alums from AASA along with Katie Crabb include:

  • Jenae Leles, a third baseman who won a National Championship at Arizona and played on the USA National Team
  • Ali Aguilar, a freshman at the Univ. of Washington and member of the USA Jr. National Team
  • Courtney Ceo, a 1st tam All-Pac-12 infielder

logo“What we’re most proud of,” continues Coach Merrida, “is that we’ve been able to help a large number of kids go off to school, bet it at highly visible programs in the Pac-12 or SEC or around the country at programs such as the College of Charleston, Mercer, Rider, Albany and Lehigh.”

“That’s why we’re in this.  We hope to win a National Championship , but it’s really about helping players get to the next level and get an education.”

“We may be new compared to programs that have been around for decades, but in that short amount of time (eight years), we feel we’ve gained respect in how we’ve been able to move kids on and in that our coaching staff can draw the most out of the kids and help them get the exposure to get to the next level.”

Here’s a look at the 2013-14 All American Sports Academy team with comments from Coach Merrida:



— 3B/C/SS Krystal Aubert (2014, Washington)
“Krystal has a tremendous attitude and is a fun kid. She’s a dynamo in everything she does—for example, in basketball she’ll dive head first into the bleachers after a loose ball.  I’ve seen her do some pretty athletic things on the field, too.  She can hit for power, runs very well and has a tremendous arm.”

— OF Cherish Burks (2015, Oregon)
“Cherish is new to our roster, but what I can tell you is she’s deceptively good.  She swings the bat with power, runs well and can steal bases.  She’s a pleasant personality and adds to the team.  She’s an exciting player and we could bat her anywhere in the batting order, one through nine.”

— C/3B Brina Buttacavoli (2014, Utah State)
“Brina is small in stature but packs a wallop with the bat.  At PGF Nationals she led the team in home runs.  She has a strong, accurate arm and behind the plate she does what we need her to do.  She’s vocal with the pitchers and will let them know if they need to work a little harder.  I think she’s still growing as a catcher and we like what we have in her.”

— OF Ellie Fisher (2014, Santa Clara)
“I don’t believe there are too many kids who are playing travel ball who can outrun her.  She’s primarily a slapper, is a great basestealer and has tremendous speed and explosiveness.  She also has a super personality.”

— OF/SS Jessica Garcia (2015, Oregon State)
“Jessica is tall, lanky and lean—she’s a slapper who can hit with power too.  Her strides are unbelievable, she’s fast but the stride length is crazy.  Jessica is also a good outfielder with a strong arm and is a really good team player.”

Bubba Nickles
Bubba Nickles

— C/3B Lexi Harrington (2017, uncommitted)
“Lexi is new with us, she joined us as a catcher for the future because she’s a really hard working kid who has a good understanding of the game at a young age.  She has a good arm and catcher size, but runs well for being a catcher.  She’s someone we’re excited about.”

— P/1B Nerissa Long (2016, uncommitted)
“Nerissa is a hard-throwing pitcher who gets in the mid-60’s when she’s on.  She’s being considered by a number of schools as a pitcher but she’s working on her hitting and defense too.  She can hit with power, she’s tall and can hit with leverage.  At our level, everyone’s primarily looking at her as a pitcher though.”

— SS/2B/OF Tara McIntyre (2014, uncommitted)
“Tara’s also new to us, she’s a middle infielder and we really like what we see in her.  She has a good arm and feet, can slap or swing away and has power.  Tara’s a very hard working player who will get better and better.”

— P/UT Madilyn Nickles (2016, UCLA)
“Her nickname is ‘Bubba’ and I don’t know that you’d recognize her as a ‘Bubba.’  She has an unbelievable personality, it’s an off-the-charts personality.  She fit in with everbody and she’s multi-talented in what she’s capable of doing.  We put her in the circle, at first and the outfield if need be.  She swings the bat well and is becoming one of the leaders on the team.”

— SS/C Saige Pye (2017, uncommitted)
“Saige is another one of the babies who’s new to us.  She’s attracting a lot of interest because she can hit the ball a ton and has great power.  She’s working at short, first and is also a good catcher.  We’re trying to develop her in several areas as she’s so multi-dimensional.”

— 3B/1B/P Jasmine Temple (2016, uncommitted)
“Our staff didn’t know anything about Jasmine and when she came to our tryout we saw enough there to have her come back because she can hit with power and spray the ball around.  She can pitch a little bit, too, although she’s primarily a corner player.”

— SS/2B Danielle Thomas (2015, Boston College)
“Danielle Thomas is a middle infielder and is kind of a low-key personality, but, wow, what a player.  She’s very talented and has some moves as a baseball player which she actually started off playing.  Her footwork is very, very good.  She hits from the left side and swings the bat well—she’s a slapper and a line-drive type of hitter.”

— P/2B Lauren Watanabe (2014, uncommitted)
“Lauren is another one of our seniors, she just joined us this fall and we really liked what we saw of her in our first tournament with us.  She’s a real competitor in the circle and is able to spin the ball with a really good change-up.”

— OF/SS Shelby Weeks (2015, Oregon State)
“Shelby hits from the left side and is a slapper but also can hit the ball out of the ball park.  She runs well and has a very good outfield arm.  Shelby’s also a very fierce competitor and can hit in different spots in the order although she’s usually at the top of the order for us.”





In yesterday’s Daily Update 09.27.13, we detailed how Brittany Finney became a member of the Explosion team in Tustin, Calif. and commutes from her Wamego, Kan. home.  Today we let the 2015 pitcher who’s committed to Oklahoma do the talking as we ask about how she got noticed by the Sooners and much more!


Brittany Finney
Brittany Finney

StudentSportsSoftball.com: You were in the seventh grade pitching at the 18U level… How did you handle the pressure of playing with elite players so much older than yourself?
Brittany Finney: I have always wanted to prove myself to anyone and everyone who watched me play. I didn’t want the girls on my team or the other team to see me as just another little kid, I wanted to show them I had what it took to play at that level. Before a game at the Independence Day tournament in Bolder, Col., my coach asked all three of us pitchers who wanted the ball and told him that I wanted it. It was during this game against the Corona Angels that I met Coach Bret (Denio of Explosion).


SSS.com: How did Oklahoma first find out about you … and how did the recruiting process go to the point where they offered?
BF: Coach (Patty Gasso) first saw me when I was at the Allisters’ (OnDeck Softball) camp in Mt. SAC, California. She contacted Coach Bret, who was helping me with recruiting at that point and I went down to Oklahoma for the Elite Prospect Camp about two weeks after the Allisters’ camp. As soon as I stepped onto campus, I fell in love. During the camp I played like I had nothing to lose and it paid off.


SSS.com: Recap how and when you committed… it must have been one of the most exciting experiences of your life!
BF: During an unofficial visit, after our tour of the campus, my family and I were able to meet with the coaches. It was then that Coach Gasso offered me. I was so shocked I could hardly speak. I decided that I should think about it before I made a decision, though I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do.

So my family and I thanked my coaches and got in the car and headed home.  We hadn’t made it across the Kansas/Oklahoma boarder before I had made up my mind and called Coach Gasso and told her that I would love to commit to her to be a future Oklahoma Sooner. It was most definitely one of the most exciting phone calls I have ever made in my entire life. I don’t think I stopped smiling for the longest time after we hung up.


Brittany pitching for her high school team
Brittany pitching for her high school team

SSS.com: What was it about Oklahoma that made that the place for you?
BF: I don’t think there is one thing I don’t love about Oklahoma. The environment, the coaches, the campus, everything was the perfect fit for me. From the moment I stepped on campus I fell in love with everything about it and could not see myself going to college anywhere else. Every other school I visited just could not compare.


SSS.com: What did OU say they liked about your game enough to offer?  Where will they play you?
BF: Coach Gasso and Coach Lombardi loved they way I preformed and projected me as both a pitcher and hitter for Oklahoma. They loved my body type and how I was built for throwing as well as how well I was able to hit.


SSS.com: So here you are in Kansas and playing for a California team.  Why play club so far from home?
BF: I am so blessed to be able to play for the Explosion. The competition in California is unlike anywhere else. If I want to be the best, I have to play against the best and, thankfully, I get to play with the best as well. The experience will also let me get to know many of the girls I will be playing against in college.


We're pretty sure this photo was taken in Kansas and not California!
We’re pretty sure this photo was taken in Kansas and not California!

SSS.com: Walk us through your mindset as you walk to the circle for the first pitch of any game… What’s running through your mind?
BF: I think about my warm ups and the cues I am to think about before each pitch, but during my warm up pitches I just try to relax and be confident in knowing that I have the ability to do whatever I put my mind to.

Quick hitters:

Favorite color: Pink Pink Pink!!
Favorite type of food: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or other (specify): I love sushi!!
Favorite movie: Talladega Nights, Pitch Perfect, Stepbrothers, The Benchwarmers
You go to a great restaurant: do you order something you know is good or try something new? Depends on my mood, but usually my favorite dish that I know is good.
Favorite pro team? San Francisco Giants!!
If you could go out and buy one item tonight, no matter what the cost, what would it be? I would go buy my dog back from the crazy people my dad gave him away to.
Dog or cat person? Dogs for sure! I love that they play for hours!




*** In a our Daily Update 09.11.13 about two weeks ago we profiled Gia Rodoni, the 2015 pitcher for the California Grapettes who’s from Modesto, Calif.

She had just excelled at the NorCal Jamboree put on by Derek and Joann Allister and we were happy to feature her.

Flash forward to last night when we got a wonderful e-mail from Gia saying:

I am humbled and honored to share with you that I’ve committed to Coach (Glenn) Moore and his staff at Baylor University. I am truly blessed by this opportunity and am looking forward to being a part of Baylor softball.

Responding back and congratulating her, we asked how the relationship with Baylor had reached the point of her committing… here’s what she had to say:

Gia Rodoni made the Baylor coaches wait a bit before committing!
Gia Rodoni made the Baylor coaches wait a bit before committing!

“Coach (Mark) Lumley first saw me as an eighth grader playing for the California Grapettes 18’s. He continued to follow my progress over the years. It was at PGF Nationals this year that Coach Moore was able to watch me.”

“Shortly after Nationals, I was able to visit the campus. From the moment I stepped onto the campus I knew this was where The Lord was directing me. Those feelings became stronger after spending the day with Coach Moore, Coach Lumley and Coach (Britni) Newman and getting to know them better.”

“The coaching staff is an amazingly blessed group of individuals.  It was during our time together that we both agreed to pray on it, but I really think it was Coach Lumley’s mad golf cart driving skills that sealed it for me!”

“ Coach Moore and I continued to email and share updates.  It was this past Monday that Coach Moore formally offered me. I didn’t reply right away, which I think worried him a little. It wasn’t because I wasn’t sure or had reservations, but because I wanted to pray about it with my family and grandparents.”

“I called Coach Moore this afternoon to tell him how humbled and blessed I am and would be to honored to be a part of the Baylor Softball program. Coach Moore was very excited and said, ‘Your decision has made my day.’

“He announced it to the team already and I’ve received congratulations from members of the team. I am looking forward to going out this spring to watch them play.  This has all been by the grace of God!”

Thank you… Gia




Action taken today during the Dallas Jamboree.
Action taken today during the Dallas Jamboree.

Today’s a big day… as this is being written the Dallas Jamboree is taking place, the event being run by OnDeck Softball.

I spoke with Derek Allister yesterday as he was getting ready for the event, here’s what he had to say:

“We are really excited about the Dallas Jamboree that will be held at Kiest Park in Dallas tomorrow.  This is our first venture into Texas, and we hope it will become a regular event in the years to come.”

“Given our history with Texas softball, it is good to get back here and try to help these kids.  We lived in Nacogdoches, Texas for seven years when I was coaching Men’s Basketball and Joann was coaching softball.  Our daughters, Heather (Missouri) and Jessica (Stanford), played travel ball out here.  Jessica was Cat Osterman‘s catcher on the Katy Cruisers, who became the first non-California team to win ASA Gold Nationals.”

If you are a player and invited to a Jamboree, that means you’re pretty good… see the note on Gia Rodoni above, who shined at the NorCal Jamoree.

Here’s the list of the nearly 90 confirmed players who participated in today’s event in the Lone Star State:

AgeClub TeamFirstLastST
18UBirmingham ThunderboltsRichardSheaAL
18UTulsa ShootoutKrystelMarkwardtAL
18UEliteDavidSt. JohnAR
18UMena HeatDaneWardAR
18UArizona Hotshots- DolanTomDolanAZ
18UArizona Hotshots- McCordKimMcCordAZ
18UArizona Outlaws SchwartzJimmyGutierrezAZ
18UArizona StormBillKennellyAZ
18UAZ Cats GoldTracyEricksonAZ
18UAZ Desert ThunderKellyFowlerAZ
18UAZ Hotshots Gold- DavisGaryDavisAZ
18UAZ Hotshots- GattiJasonShepherdAZ
18UAZ IceTomShawAZ
18UAZ Killer BeesMikeGrimaldiAZ
18UAZ Outlaw GoldRaulGarciaAZ
18UAZ RoadrunnersBobHamacherAZ
18UAZ Storm GoldKaraBrunAZ
18UAZ Worth ThundercatsIrmaEspinozaAZ
18UFirecrackers AZ HenryJimHenryAZ
18UKiller BeesMikeGrimaldiAZ
18ULil SaintsLanceDicksonAZ
18ULil SaintsMarcosGilAZ
18UQC LadycatsStephanieMejiaAZ
18UScottsdale FeverMikeStoffeyAZ
18UThe WickedSaraMichalowskiAZ
18UTucson ScramblersLouisGonzalesAZ
18UBurnaby OakeysSusanCharukBC
18USurrey Storm 90 of Surrey BCPhilThomBC
18UWhite Rock Renegades 89JeffKerlukeBC
18U3rd Degree GoldEdGrayCA
18U3rd Degree ObneyAdrianEscalanteCA
18UA Cut AboveAdrianMoralesCA
18UAll American Sports AcademyBryanMerridaCA
18UAll-American Sports AcademyJohnnyHeinzCA
18UAmerican AthleticsSteveJoinerCA
18UAmerican Athletics- CasiniOscarCasiniCA
18UAmerican Athletics-RizzoFrankRizzoCA
18UAmerican Pastime- SGVGregPerezCA
18UAmerican Pastime-GoldLarryFarnworthCA
18UAmerican Pastime-GoldDewaineSmileyCA
18UAmerican Pastime-LindsayDaveLindsayCA
18UArtesia PunishersHiginioValdezCA
18UArtesia PunishersBobMedinaCA
18UBakersfield BabesBeckyDiMArioCA
18UBatbusters-Fox/ TillettMikeFoxCA
18UBerkeley BearsKristenMorleyCA
18UCA Rage GoldJimGuidoCA
18UCal A'sMarianMendozaCA
18UCal A'sDavidChristianCA
18UCal RapidsMichelleSchleefCA
18UCal StormJakeMeierCA
18UCalifornia AcesWillieMadridCA
18UCalifornia Breeze GoldPaulMartinezCA
18UCalifornia ChaosPatDempseyCA
18UCalifornia CometsBradCeoCA
18UCalifornia CrossfireBillMouatCA
18UCalifornia CruisersPhilHarmanCA
18UCalifornia CruisersMelSieversCA
18UCalifornia CruisersAdeleWodachCA
18UCalifornia CrushersCherieChenowethCA
18UCalifornia DesperadosRafaelSegoviaCA
18UCalifornia DesperadosEdSummitCA
18UCalifornia FlamesLindaRotunnoCA
18UCalifornia GrapettesDennisGomesCA
18UCalifornia Grapettes-ClarkToddClarkCA
18UCalifornia ImpactMarkSharpCA
18UCalifornia LiteScottTrubleCA
18UCalifornia RaidersPhilBruderCA
18UCalifornia StingKennMarrowCA
18UCalifornia ThunderValerieVan Kirk-LevierCA
18UCalifornia Thunder-VargasJoeVargasCA
18UCalifornia WavesTimCarmodyCA
18UCalifornia WavesRobertIvesCA
18UCapital City CometsMikeLoomisCA
18UCase Batbusters GoldScottBarkerCA
18UCentral California Dirt DogsRalphHerreraCA
18UCentral California KrushRodSchonbachlerCA
18UCentral California KrushSteveUyedaCA
18UCentral Coast AthleticsRichAldreteCA
18UCentral Coast Xtreme HeatEricWellsCA
18UChico StarzSteveDeadmondCA
18UChico Starz BlueLanceWhittakerCA
18UColorado StyxxJoeLembeckCA
18UCombat PanthersBobSuraneCA
18UCorona Angels (Marty Tyson)MartyTysonCA
18UCorona Angels- HowardKIMHowardCA
18UCorona Angels-AdishianPhilipAdishianCA
18UCorona Xpress GoldGaryFogartyCA
18UDiamond RunnersKevinKernsCA
18UDynasty - LillyArtLillyCA
18UDynasty- South BayBryanPulidoCA
18UEast Bay ImpactAllenMartinezCA
18UEaston EliteChuckLudlowCA
18UElk Grove TribeShawnSageCA
18UFirecrackers GoldJerryGallegoCA
18UFirecrackers KayWesKayCA
18UFirecrackers SBGenoPonceCA
18UFirecrackers- PascoBobbyFloresCA
18UFirecrackers- RicoTonyRicoCA
18UFirecrackers- SnyderJimSnyderCA
18UFired UpKristinGrubbsCA
18UFresno ForceDonnaLambertCA
18UFury SoftballMarkGoodacreCA
18UFury Softball- SantosTomSantosCA
18UIrvine StingBlairOtaCA
18UJETS GoldCraigPearceCA
18ULady HustleJulieMarshallCA
18ULady Hustle GoldJulieMarshallCA
18ULady LibertySamuelFaleafineCA
18ULady MagicEarlHeywardCA
18ULady SharksRayTeixeiraCA
18ULady Sharks Gold - BarreraTomBarreraCA
18ULady Sharks Gold - FrankFrankKingCA
18ULady WolfpackBillRuizCA
18ULakewood FirecrackersSusanRodriguezCA
18UMinors GoldMikeMaciasCA
18UMinors Gold-LovelaceLenaLovelaceCA
18uMize DiamondsLisaMizeCA
18UMize Fastpitch DiamondsPaulaMartinezCA
18UMizuno Diamond GirlsJuan FrankFloresCA
18UNemesis EliteManuelGarciaCA
18UNemesis EliteMikeHyllandCA
18UNemesis Elite GoldManuelGarciaCA
18UNitro BakersfieldBuckGabbertCA
18UNor Cal LegendsMarkEspinozaCA
18UNor Cal RenegadesNickHoutzCA
18UNor Cal ShockersPaulBuccellatoCA
18UNor Cal Young GunsRockyFarquharCA
18UOBS MonarchsCoreyReidCA
18UOC Batbusters - BriggsKenBriggsCA
18UOC Batbusters - GonzalezJesseGonzalezCA
18UOC Batbusters - HaningGaryHaningCA
18UOC Batbusters - LaraClayLaraCA
18UOC Batbusters - StithMikeStithCA
18UOC Batbusters - YbarraTroyYbarraCA
18UOC Batbusters- TedTedCatalanoCA
18UOC DynastyAngeloBeltranCA
18UOC Elite GoldChrisMolinaCA
18UOC Elite GregGregEstebanCA
18UOC Elite WhiteJamesMontoyaCA
18UOC ImpactDaveJohnsonCA
18UOC ImpactDaveJohnsonCA
18UOC LionettesChuckChristensenCA
18UOC LionnettesRussRoachCA
18UOC Nighthawks 99BrandonPerezCA
18UOn Deck FuryMarkGoodacreCA
18UOrange County ImpactDaveJohnsonCA
18UOzone GoldRickKearneyCA
18UPacific Coast PredatorsFrankBlauveltCA
18UPower SurgeMindyVincentCA
18UPure FastpitchBillJacksonCA
18UQuakes GoldGrantIsbelCa
18URipon RampageGinaLewis-BakerCA
18URiptide GoldBarryGrummanCA
18URoseville Heat -EdgarRickEdgerCA
18URoseville Heat GoldRickEdgarCA
18URR GoldBobRegpalaCA
18URR Gold- PauliePaulGabalesCA
18URR Gold- RegpalaRobertRegpalaCA
18USalinas StormMikeArmentoCA
18USalinas WildcatsDanMillerCA
18USan Diego BreakersDanWorleyCA
18USan Diego County BreakersDanWorleyCA
18USan Diego LegacyKenWeimerCA
18USan Diego Power SurgeAleJordanCA
18USan Diego RebelsShannonKoranCA
18USan Diego Renegades -BoveeGlennBoveeCA
18USan Diego Renegades -MenaAdamMenaCA
18USan Diego Renegades -SternJonSternCA
18USan Diego Renegades GoldJasonDavisCA
18USan Diego RowdiesAlanStocktonCA
18USan Diego Rowdies GoldArchVestCA
18USan Jose Lady SharksTomBarreraCA
18USan Jose Lady Sharks GoldTomBarreraCA
18USan Jose StingBobPeralesCA
18USan Jose StingJoeGronCA
18USanta Ana XtremeMaquiviDe La RosaCA
18USD Power Surge--GlennJulieSugitaCA
18USilicon Valley StarfirePepeHinojosaCA
18USJ Strikkers GoldErnieGarciaCA
18USLO County NitroClarkStevensCA
18USLO County NitroClarkStevensCA
18USo Cal 3DMichaelKlepferCA
18USo Cal 3DDaveBeltranCA
18USo Cal AftershockJoeAllegrettiCA
18USo Cal AthleticsBruceRichardsonCA
18USo Cal BreakersBobbyLabsCA
18USo Cal BreakersBrantBeddowCA
18USo Cal ChoppersGaryFausettCA
18USo Cal CrunchJerryArelanoCA
18USo Cal DiamondsPaulGarzianoCA
18USo Cal Filly'sPatKellyCA
18USo Cal HawksSteveBartholomyCA
18USo Cal InsanityMikeForneCA
18USo Cal JagsDebbieHuntze- RooneyCA
18USo Cal MadnessPatrickLopezCA
18USo Cal MadnessBrandonSturgillCA
18USo Cal Magic GoldFernandoNievesCA
18USo Cal MirageJulianMercadoCA
18USo Cal MirageTonyWagonerCA
18USo Cal PumasOilKeohohouCA
18USo Cal RebelsErnieMarezCA
18USo Cal SaintsDwaineCouillardCA
18USo Cal Stars-MitchellCedricMitchellCA
18USo Cal StrikkersKimWuestCA
18USo Cal WickedDaveLimonCA
18USo Cal XplosionBretDenioCA
18USoCal SliderzPeteRubioCA
18USorcerer BlueRobinFlierCA
18USorcerer GoldPhilMummaCA
18USouth Bay StarsAnitaGutierrezCA
18USouthern California JazzRafaelFloresCA
18UStealth FastpitchCassandraRodriguezCA
18UStorm USARandyThomasCA
18UStrictly SoftballGaryMullicanCA
18UStrike ForceGabeGuerraCA
18UStrike ForceKostasMarinakisCA
18UStrike Zone- FordDonFordCA
18USudden Impact GoldBruceBlakeCA
18UT2 Courage GoldMikeGilhamCA
18UTeam Easton GoldNeilPriceCA
18UTeam Mizuno MegeeBillMegeeCA
18UThe Next LevelJerryDelamaterCA
18UThe Next LevelSummerBoyleCA
18UTrouble GoldMattHousemanCA
18UUSA AthleticsMikeRogersCA
18UUSA AthleticsRoseRogersCA
18UUSA Athletics MercurioJimmyMercurioCA
18UUSA EliteStanMcFaddenCA
18UUSA EliteGilbertFloresCA
18UUSA EliteTomVanceCA
18UUSA EliteDominicVasileCA
18UUSA ELITE 18UDominicVasileCA
18UUSA Elite SoftballTomVanceCA
18UUSA Elite SoftballBrianCherryCA
18UUSA Elite SoftballDominicVasileCA
18UUSA PrideLawrenceDivinagraciaCA
18UValley IceMichelleBoltCA
18UValley Stompers GoldJoeCallawayCA
18UWorth- Westside BulletsAlanMartensCA
18UWorth- Westside BulletsStanHansenCA
18UYoung GunsTonyEchaviaCA
18UWhitby Eagles - HarrisRosemaryTheriaultCAN
18UColorado QuicksilverMickPepperCO
18UColorado Stars GoldScottSakamotoCO
18UColorado Stars GoldDanBurnsCO
18UColorado Stars- BeaversRyanBeaversCO
18UConnecticut CharmersNeilSwanchakCT
18UMass RapidsMikeLavalleeCT
18UCentral Florida StingraysMarkTamaniniFL
18UClearwater BulletsEdWalterFL
18UFL Gators GoldLinclonFlanneryFL
18UFlorida GoldTomTaylorFL
18UFlorida Gold 98BrianWebbFL
18UFlorida Ultimate GoldJodyHenningerFL
18UGold Coast Hurricanes-CooperMartyCooperFL
18UGold Coast Hurricanes-NormanJeffNormanFL
18UJacksonville Storm 18U - BrownDerekBrownFL
18ULady BombersDionWeaverFL
18ULady GatorsRandyJacksonFL
18ULady GatorsEricCallFL
18ULee County RageJimSchlotterFL
18UMiami Mini Canes of Miami flOttoWilliamsFL
18UMiami StingraysGatorRebhanFL
18UMiami Valley Xpress Premier GoldChrisBowerFL
18UMiami WildcatsGeorgeSarradetFL
18UOviedo Blaze 95SeanDunnFL
18UPlantation PressureRichardWaldorfFL
18USouth Florida MinibullsDavidShickFL
18UTampa HeatwaveAurelioParraFL
18UTampa Wildcats-JimJimEhlersFL
18UTeam DeMariniJimStumpFL
18UTeam DeMariniBobPeterkaFL
18UTeam FLASherrieAllbrittenFL
18UTeam FLAJoeCotroneFL
18UTeam Mizuno--MorganMikeMorganFL
18UTeam North FloridaTroyWhittFL
18UUSA PatriotsScottLaneFL
18UWagner's Gold DunnSeanDunnFL
18UWest Boynton Lady BanditsRickDewaltFL
18UWest Florida EliteDennisRoesleFL
18UWest Pinellas KrusherzRaySzelestFL
18UWest Pines Diamond DustersMannyDevasaFL
18UAtlanta VaporsSidAkinsGA
18UEast Cobb BulletsGregSchnuteGA
18UEast Cobb BulletsMattSutterGA
18UGA OutlawsRodneyWhiteGA
18UGeorgia Fire -RedJimTudorGA
18UGeorgia ICELeeCrockerGA
18UGeorgia Impact- MedlamVanceMedlamGA
18UGeorgia Impact- PaulyKeithPaulyGA
18UGeorgia KnockoutsMichaelKlimGA
18UGeorgia Xtreme GoldEdBeshelGA
18UGeorgia Xtreme- 95BillGoodwinGA
18UGeorgia Xtreme- 96ChuckMayhueGA
18UEkahi SoftballLoisManinHI
18UMililani PrepJakeHI
18UMililani PrepGlennJichaHI
18UEastern Iowa BarracudasKenThimmeschIA
18UI-Club CrimsonDaveBemisIA
18UI-Club OrangeDaveStreyffelerIA
18UI-Club PurpleCharlieKelseyIA
18USoutheast Iowa HawksGregHaleIA
18UIdaho Golden GlovesDanRobbinsID
18UBarrington HurricanesPerryPetersonIL
18UBeverly BanditsBillConroyIL
18UBull Sox AcademyChristineWozniakIL
18UIllinois Chill GoldBrianEdwardsIL
18UIllinois Chill GoldGerryQuinnIL
18ULake Zurich LightningSteveSchmitIL
18UMidland Magic 1DaleSheltonIL
18UNew Lenox LighteningJohnMcKendryIL
18UNew Lenox Lightening GoldJimAbbottIL
18UNorthern ICE PremierCrayAllenIL
18UOrland Park A'sScottSobolIL
18UWasco DiamondsSteveCihlarIL
18UIndiana MagicNormanRoweIN
18UIndiana Magic GoldKimClayIN
18UIndiana Prospects GoldGregNorwoodIN
18UTeam IndianaCaraJohnson-HirschIN
18UWichita Mustangs GoldMarkGriggsKA
18UKansas City PeppersDanEakinKS
18UKC PeppersDanEakinKS
18ULouisville Lady SluggersDonDobinaKY
18UDeja VuMattUhleLA
18ULA Voo DooJesseBarksdaleLA
18ULouisiana ExpressLucasTerrasinaLA
18ULouisiana VoodooJoeBrignacLA
18UNew Orleans Deja VuBrentKoplitzLA
18UNew Orleans Deja VuAllenMayerLA
18UBlue CrushAlanHamerMA
18UPolar CrushPhilMcElroyMA
18URhode Island Thunder-WilsonJoeyWilsonMA
18UChurchville LightningTimFavazzaMD
18UMaryland ChillBoVicendeseMD
18UMaryland LegendsEdLynchMD
18URiviera Beach SpiritSteveSteinbachMD
18USeverna Park Green HornetsThadToalMD
18UWagner's M/GJan/WayneGreenhawk/MillerMD
18UFinesse- DreherDonnyDreherMI
18UMinnesota Irish GoldMelindaAntonsonMN
18UMinnesota Irish GoldJonCharbonneauMN
18UMinnesota Renegades 97MegDupuisMN
18UMinnesota StingMichelleHarrisonMN
18UKC ZephyrsRobWadeMO
18UCarolina BombshellsDavidKellyNC
18UCarolina CardinalsRayChandlerNC
18UCarolina CardinalsRickMcHoneNC
18UCarolina Lady BluesGregSpainNC
18ULady BluesGregSpainNC
18ULady Lightning Gold EliteDarrellWootenNC
18ULady Lightning Gold Team MikenJohnCornNC
18UNC ChallengersAdamRenziNC
18UTeam TFSRobertPowellNC
18UNebraska GoldMike/DickHeard/JablonskiNE
18UOmaha QuakesDickJablonskiNE
18UOmaha Quakes GoldMikeButeraNE
18UOmaha Quakes RedMikeKuhlNE
18UOmaha Quakes SilverJoeGasnickNE
18UAkadema EliteDiegoIbarraNJ
18UEast Coast Elite GoldKenFryNJ
18UEwing EdgeJohnCapuanoNJ
18UJersey Flames GoldJohnSchafferNJ
18UJersey InfernoDonMeisterNJ
18UJersey Inferno EliteGaryNewbornNJ
18UJersey Inferno EliteGaryNewbornNJ
18UJersey IntensityChristinaRodriguezNJ
18UJersey IntensityKevinO"DonnellNJ
18UJersey NightmareDaveWheelerNJ
18UJersey Outlaws GoldChrisScottNJ
18ULady Lightning GoldDanielPieningNJ
18ULower South Liberty GoldEdBrabazonNJ
18UMorris County BellesDonKeimelNJ
18UMorris County Belles EliteBarbaraReynoldsNJ
18UNew Jersey Breakers GoldJoeSalvatoreNJ
18UNew Jersey GatorsJohnBiasiNJ
18UNightmare BlackBrianKalesseNJ
18UNJ Cheetah's PremierDavidDominiciNJ
18UNJ HeistSergioRodriguezNJ
18UNJ VenomAnthonyBenishNJ
18UNorth Jersey RocksDarylReigelNJ
18UPride AlagiaPhilAlagiaNJ
18USouth Jersey Mystics GoldStacyJacksonNJ
18UTeam New JerseyJimBarsalonaNJ
18UWest Jersey WitchesBruceBenedettiNJ
18UWitches GoldShawnAllenNJ
18UNew Mexico SundancersPaulKohmanNM
18UNM StingJohnnyCurryNM
18UL‰ÛªIL RebelsRickChristopherNV
18ULas Vegas BlastKristyOdamuraNV
18ULas Vegas Rage GoldChrisMcDonaldNV
18ULil RebelsJeffLehrNV
18ULil RebelsGaryStoverNV
18UNevada CometsMikeMcGowanNV
18UNevada LightningRollieScarselliNV
18UNevada Lightning 94FrankLawrenceNV
18UReno DiamondsBillyBoylanNV
18UBrewster RocketsPaulGaglioNY
18UConklin RaidersDaleCookNY
18UFrozen Ropes Force GoldTonyAbbatineNY
18UHudson Valley Hurricanes GoldBridgetBurtNY
18ULong Island Bandits GoldRobMcGinleyNY
18UNY Team Long ISlandNickGalatiNY
18UTeam Long Island EliteJohnGallagherNY
18UTeam Long Island GoldNickGalatiNY
18UWNY Lightning EliteAlDirschbergerNY
18UMad DogsBillHilemanOH
18UOhio Ice BlueDanColeOH
18UOhio LasersSteveGamboneOH
18UOhio StingraysMarkTamaniniOH
18UOhio StingraysAmyMcGheeOH
18UOhio StingraysMikeWileyOH
18UOhio StingraysEmilyManahanOH
18UDBAT Tulsa Shootout GoldKrystelMarkwardtOK
18UOK Gametime StarsRustyFisherOK
18UTulsa EaglesTommyRogersOK
18UTulsa Elite '95SteveBevanOK
18UTulsa Elite '96RoyBogleOK
18UTulsa Elite 18UJodyePoolOK
18UBrampton BlazersAlanSpohnOnt.
18UBeaverton BlazeMicBowmanOR
18UInferno FastpitchDanMurphyOR
18UNW BulletsTonyCamposOR
18UOregon Blaze GoldStephAndradeOR
18UOregon Panthers GoldJorgeBanuelosOR
18UOregon Silver BulletsSteveWalloOR
18UOregon ThunderBradDendingerOR
18UChaos GoldJoeSpinaPA
18UChaos ShowcaseBruceDudleyPA
18UKrunch GoldSteveMummaPA
18UNewtown Rock BansheesJosephGarveyPA
18UPA KrunchSteveMummaPA
18UPA Krunch GoldTodWhitmanPA
18UPennsbury Gems GoldLesVenellaPA
18UPittsburgh Power GoldRJMateticPA
18USports Connection Lady WildcatsBobNotarfrancescoPA
18USports Connection Lady WildcatsBillStocksPA
18UTuff-n-Tuffer of PARoyGodardPA
18UWJ Witches Elite Gold 18UBruceBenedettiPA
18URhode island Thunder GoldDaveLottiRI
18URI Thunder EliteJoeyWilsonRI
18UCarolina Elite - Team MizunoTonyGenoveseSC
18UCarolina Elite GoldTonyGenoveseSC
18UTennessee Fury GoldKirkLewisTN
18UTennessee IllusionsToniaMartinTN
18UAustin StarsRollieHernandezTX
18UAustin Storm - BluePhilKoehlerTX
18UAXE Allen Extreme EaglesJimLeeTX
18UAXE Allen Extreme Eagles - FleitmanRonFleitmanTX
18UDallas MustangsTroyTidwellTX
18UDallas TigersSaraHernandezTX
18UEast Texas SportsHenryWilburnTX
18UFirecrackers STX- Stevens-DavisHollyStevens-DavisTX
18UFort Worth BatbustersDougCardTX
18UFort Worth Batbusters GoldKenGravesTX
18UGold Texas ChallengersPaulAruijoTX
18UHit Away GoldDee, JulieLindleyTX
18UHouston PowerJohnGlowaczTX
18UImpact GoldKCJacksonTX
18UImpact GoldDwayneJohnsonTX
18UImpact GoldFrankGuyTX
18UIntimidators 18UJeffNordieTX
18UKaty CruisersDevonMelbyTX
18ULady MagicEarlHeywardTX
18UMC Elite GoldDavidDrudeTX
18UMcElite South-DrudeDavidDrudeTX
18UMidlothian QuestRickCurryTX
18URGV HeatKevinKanipeTX
18URgv ThunderMarcelinoBarbosaTX
18US.A. HittCruzTijerinaTX
18USA LawGaryEtterTX
18USAFA HittJohnPatmorTX
18USchutt Texas EliteDianneBakerTX
18USk Sliders GrayJohnGokeyTX
18USpring Klein Sliders GoldJohnGokeyTX
18USudden Impact GoldRussStilesTX
18UTeam Elite SchuttDianneBakerTX
18UTexas AcesClintClementsTX
18UTexas Aces ExpressKelliJacobiTX
18UTexas Aces GoldDavidMcCorkleTX
18UTexas AvengersTonyFitzgeraldTX
18UTexas Bandits GoldRayRosserTX
18UTexas BlazeDougLindseyTX
18UTexas Blaze -South BonolaRebeccaBonolaTX
18UTexas Blaze GoldJBSlimpTX
18UTexas Bombers GoldScottSmithTX
18UTexas Bombers Gold HTXMarkTuckerTX
18UTexas CometsLewisBoehmTX
18UTexas ConnectionMichaelO'BryanTX
18UTexas FusionMarkRhineTX
18UTexas Glory GoldKimTillett-PooleTX
18UTexas Glory Gold - SheltonKevinSheltonTX
18UTexas Glory Gold- LuskAaronLuskTX
18UTexas HawksMartyPierucciTX
18UTexas IntensityAlfredRodriguezTX
18UTexas OutcastShawnNeffTX
18UTexas Peppers Gold- BassRichardBassTX
18UTexas Peppers Tanel GoldRichardBassTX
18UTexas Rapid Fire GoldBrianMenefeeTX
18UTexas Shockwave GoldScottDevoreTX
18UTexas StarzMonroePetersTX
18UTexas Sting GoldBobMorseTX
18UTexas Stix GoldJeffStatonTX
18UTexas Storm GoldJoeWymerTX
18UTexas Sudden Impact GoldGlennBennettTX
18UTexas Sudden Impact GoldTimDuttonTX
18UTexas Terminators GoldLarryPuckettTX
18UTX Elite GoldRicardoCantuTX
18USalt Lake PegasusKelsiHoopiiainaUT
18UAshburn Shooting Stars BlackTomEtzweilerVA
18UAshburn Shooting Stars WhiteDanBoyleVA
18UFire-n-Ice of VirginiaJohnBoganVA
18UGlory GoldSuzyWillemssenVA
18URichmond DiamondsWalterPettusVA
18URichmond StormBobHansenVA
18USting FastpitchScottHaleyVA
18UStix FastpitchGregCarterVA
18UVienna StarsTony & CathyRollinsVA
18UVirginia LegendsBarryPaulVA
18UAbsolute Blast GoldEricBolstadWA
18UDiamond Dusters FastpitchBillRobertsonWA
18UDiamond Dusters FastpitchMikeNelsonWA
18ULady HawksWayneMillerWA
18UNorthwest ClassicsJeffSmootWA
18UNorthwest ShockJohnGraceWA
18UNW Sidewinders RERachelKoenigWA
18URainier JetsHenryRanceWA
18URainier JetsHenryRanceWA
18URainier Jets 18ULanayaJenkinsWA
18USpokane CrashJakeAlbertsonWA
18USpokane DawgsReneeStewartWA
18UWA Acers GoldMarkAndertonWA
18UWashington AngelsBobBensonWA
18UWashington AngelsPatMastalerWA
18UWashington Illusion GoldBrentHarrisWA
18UWashington Lady Hawks-HawkinsMikeHawkinsWA
18UWashington Ladyhawks-MillerWayneMillerWA
18UWashington Lake BreezeRickFritzWA
18UWashington Triple Threat GoldHowardLyonWA
18UTri-State ThunderMissyCutchallWV



HOT 100 PROSPECTS: CLASS OF 2014 (Day 3)

We’re working on a list of the top senior prospects and will be announcing who we think are the top players in the ’14 class and are taking nominations.

If you’d like to put in a plug for a player, send in your info to us at brentt@studentsports.com.  We’ll take stats, honors, accomplishments, recruiting info, photos… whatever you got!




If you’d like to submit information, forward to brentt@studentsports.com.  Also, follow us on twitter at @SS_Softball.