Pro Tips for Recruiting Videos

Over the years, I've watched hundreds of recruiting videos as a college coach. I've noticed some things on recruiting videos that don't necessarily help athletes look better on video. Here are the 5 Annoying Things You Should Leave Out of Your Recruiting Video:

1. Bunting. Coaches don't want to see it. 
College coaches assume that you know how to bunt. Coaches are more concerned with how you hit, pitch, throw, and run the bases.

2. Running to a ground ball with your throwing hand attached to your glove.
Free your hands girlfriend. Let those elbows drive back. Coaches don't want to deal with breaking bad habits. So when you field it's important to allow your hands to separate and your arms to swing freely and naturally.

3. Overuse of Slow Mo can make you look even slower.
Most coaches can recognize good form from bad form. Slow motion is unnecessary to add to your video.

4. Grunting. Sometimes it's just too much. (Turn on for Sound)
Unless you're throwing above 65 mph, grunting is unnecessary.

5. Catching the Ball with Your Throwing Hand Behind Your Glove. Your throwing hand should be to the side of the glove. 

Parents, I know that you can be spending a lot of money on recruiting videos. My honest opinion is that you don't need to spend a ton of money on a recruiting video. When you're putting together a video, get the basic technique in your video. You can film using a decent DSLR camera. Sound is not important. You can add text to your videos using iMovie. 

Here's what you should capture:
  • Game Footage
  • Hitting
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Pitching
  • Catching
  • Infield
  • Outfield
It's important to keep your video quick and to the point. Remember, you're trying to capture the attention of the coach in the first ten seconds. Make it count.