Faster2First Sunday Rosters Announced

After the combine and all-star games, the rosters for Sunday's Faster2First have been announced. SEE SCHEDULE



Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
A 65 2B Zaquai Dumas Georgia Impact Newland
A 45 2B Cameron Young Tennessee Mojo 2020 ('20/'21)
A 76 C Carrie Jacoby FURY 2K2
A 139 C Erin Schwerdtfeger Cranford Cougars Softball
A 41 C Maiah Skakal Fury Fastpitch
A 93 C Amelia Sternchos Pitbulls 14 u Gold
A 137 LF Chandler Mitchell Pitbulls
A 77 OF Rylee Klinger Columbia County Rampage 14u
A 33 OF Chandler Nix Lady Lightning Select Prince
A 56 P Shannon Becker Empire State Huskies
A 135 P Ellie McCloy GoldCoast  Hurricanes
A 59 SS Riley Blampied Georgia Impact Newland
A 88 SS Ashleigh Robinson Tampa Mustangs TJ
A 147 SS Shanel Stott Tri-State Thunder Gold


Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
B 129 1B Avery Bellai TEAM NC MELE
B 131 3B Brianna Harrison Gold Coast Hurricanes
B 30 3B Taylor Middlebrook Firecrakers 2020
B 64 C Raegan Conley Tampa Mustanges TJ
B 17 C Lydia Gordner Columbia County Rampage
B 134 C Emily Komis Pitbulls
B 136 C Megan Mccullough EC Bullets 2020 - Aycock
B 73 OF Jaya Herring Tn Elite 18u Gold
B 94 OF Elizabeth Warwick Tennessee Mojo 02
B 148 P Olivia Marinelli Hasbrouck Heights High School Aviators
B 39 P Michaela Raguseo NJ Renegades
B 60 SS Brooke Blankenship Tampa Mustangs Hennigar
B 68 SS Maia Folk Virginia Glory
B 42 SS Kaitlyn Tucker Carolina Elite 14 Gold - Fisher


Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
C 8 3B Maddie Caffrey VA Glory-Elias
C 89 3B Makenna Segal East Cobb Bullets 2020 - Aycock
C 91 3B Jada Smallwood Tampa Mustangs-TJ
C 3 C Sydney Bednoski Virginia Glory National Premier
C 74 C Kaylee Higgins Mojo 2020
C 133 C Jena Imperiale Pitbulls
C 34 C Madeline Olivas Ashburn Shooting Stars 2020
C 151 C Celeste Simpson Carolina Elite Pack/Settlemyre
C 26 OF Analise Lopresti nj Mavricks
C 138 OF Jenna Pearson 14U Glory Premier Meyer/Mertz
C 127 P Baylor Aycock EC Bullets 2020 - Aycock
C 97 P Ellen Hull
C 23 P Samantha Landry Texas Sudden Impact - Falterman
C 81 SS Cameron Marks Edison Angels


Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
D 16 1B Avery Goelz Tampa Mustangs TJ
D 140 3B Liz Seymour EC Bullets 2020
D 58 C Hailey Berglof Frost Falcons
D 63 C Shaela Bybee Wagners Gold
D 13 C Maddie Elias Glory National Premiere-Mertz
D 40 C Lily Schroeder Team NC Mele
D 25 OF Gracie Lingerfelt Team nc kiser
D 86 OF Mckenzie Redoutey Georgia Impact
D 7 P Talli Burgess TN Mojo 2020
D 18 P Maddie Gordon Virginia Glory
D 82 P Hallie Mele Team NC Louisville Slugger
D 15 SS Kylee Gleason Carolina Elite Fisher
D 27 SS Kaylen Madrey Firecrackers 02 Sewell
D 146 SS Victoria Palucci New Jersey Renegades



Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
A 132 1B Alexandra Hayeck NJ Renegades
A 43 3B Elaina Wagner Empire State Huskies
A 55 C Kayla Alexandre Wagners Gold
A 49 C Ryleigh Garrett Georgia Impact 05
A 12 OF Natalie Elias VA Glory- Willemssen
A 28 OF Taylor Malvin Georgia Impact-Langston
A 57 P Dana Bell Horsham Banshees
A 36 P Hannah Pollack Pitbulls Fastpitch
A 144 P Emily Winstead Carolina Cardinals 03
A 62 SS Elon Butler California Suncats
A 10 SS Samantha Derickson Team Phoenix
A 71 SS Jasmine Hall Lady Blues Elite


Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
B 130 1B Holly Griffin Team NC Eaton
B 72 C Ciara Hanson Lady Blues Elite 14U
B 22 C Amiya Johnson Vienna Stars 05
B 4 OF Kaylyn Belfield Vienna Stars - Belfield 14u
B 67 P Kyra Fischer Pitbulls
B 14 P Kirsten Fleet Carolina Elite
B 78 P Madison Knight Hickory Hornets 14U Black
B 90 P Madison Seidel Banshees Fastpitch
B 46 SS Brionna Condon GA Impact - Langston
B 32 SS Trinity Nichols Carolina Cardinals '03
B 37 SS Abby Quickel Team Pennsylvannia
B 87 SS Teagan Ritchie Team NC-Hinde
B 48 SS Taylor Williams


Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
C 142 1B Kyla Stroud Ga Impact
C 95 2B Regan Weisner Lady Blues Elite
C 5 3B Karley Beltran VA Glory-Willemssen 12U
C 2 C Alexis Becker Tri State Thunder
C 145 C Alexis Winters Carolina Elite
C 19 OF Chloe Hatzopoulos Team NC
C 44 OF Christina Willemssen 12u VA Glory-Willemssen
C 128 P Taylor Barlow Team NC Hinde
C 66 P Madelyn Edwards 12U Glory-Willemssen
C 29 P Dana Medlar Pitbulls Fastpitch 18U Black
C 20 SS Karlee Hughes Virginia Glory
C 38 SS Erin Rafferty NJ Intensity 14u KO
C 96 SS Mia Williams Georgia Impact  Langston and Wagner's Gold Rodriguez


Team # Position First Name Last Name Winter Team Name
D 143 1B Kristen Tester New Jersey Renegades
D 75 3B Graysen Hunter Carolina Elite
D 85 3B Emma Rambo
D 141 3B Nya South Home Plate Lady Bombers
D 47 3B Emma Wyman Elite Extreme 18U
D 79 C Taylor Krapf Wagner's Gold Rodriguez
D 35 C Olivia Packard Fury Fastpitch '04
D 84 OF Kendall Owens
D 9 P Mea Consentino Columbia County Rampage
D 11 P Genevieve Ebaugh Angels Fastpich Elite 16U
D 21 P Madison Inscoe Elite Fastpitch of Virginia
D 80 P Emma Langston Georgia Impact Langston
D 31 SS Jesiana Mora Wagner's Gold


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Rising Star: How Zoe Laneaux Overcame The Pressures Of Recruiting

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One of the toughest and most resilient athletes on Georgia Impact Premier - Lewis is junior Zoe Laneaux. Playing in the shadows of teammates who received more press and attention, she could have succumbed to the pressure of trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. But she didn’t. She persevered and thrived.

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Walk Up songs are something to be taken very seriously. 15 to 30 seconds of ear magic that represents who you are and should leave a memorable impression on the stadium. Here are our top picks for Walk Up Songs:

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Illusion-Cain is coming off of cinderella 12U season and are moving up to 14U. We chat with head coach Caitlyn Cain about this up and coming team and what were the reasons behind their continued success. 

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What Makes a Hot 100 Player?

The time has come for the final installment of the 2019 Hot 100. The 2019 class certainly delivered in the 18U division last season. We saw Hot 100 players Kelley Lynch, Kinzie Hansen, Julia Cottrill, Lexi Kilfoyl, Maya Brady and more as impact players for their 18U squads.

Why We Should Rethink The Way We Develop Pitchers By Dana Sorensen

Dana Sorensen graduated from Stanford as a three-time All-American, four-time All Pac 10 player who led the Cardinals to two Women’s College World Series. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Exercise Sport Science at the University of North Carolina. During that time was named to the USA National Team and was a member of the Gold medal team. Sorensen spent several years coaching at the collegiate level at UC Davis and Oregon State. She is certified in Strength & Conditioning, Kettlebell, Functional Movement Screen, and Functional Movement Systems.

Club Softball Changes & Verbal Commits: Virginia Tech Lands 2019 Infielder

Minnesota and Virginia Tech locked in 2019 and 2020 recruits in the last week. Canadian 2019 infielder Kianna Jones found her new home in Minneapolis along with third baseman Rylie Costa who committed to Minnesota in the last week. Shortstop Ansley Whitley changed her verbal commitment from Kennesaw State to Virginia Tech following Coach Pete D'Amour to Blacksburg, Virginia. 

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Why 2021 Pitcher Annabelle Widra Decommitted From Oklahoma

Annabelle Widra, a Hoover, Alabama native began receiving scholarship offers from coaches when she was in the eighth grade. At first, she was flattered by the attention. But the stress, pressure and high expectations of school, workouts, homework, tournaments, and phone calls began to wear on Widra.