Legacy: UCLA

27 Things You Didn't Know About UCLA Softball

27 Things You Didn't Know About UCLA Softball

What you didn't know about UCLA Softball.

Jan 10, 2017 by Brittany Connors Connors

UCLA Softball is one of the most decorated programs in NCAA softball history. Our upcoming film titled "Legacy: UCLA" will be all about the Bruins, past and

present, and will take a deep look into why this organization is one of the best.



Take a minute and learn a little something about the current UCLA Softball crew:

1. A great game starts with a good warmup and the Bruins know all about that:

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2. Three Bruins (one current and two joining in 2018) were recently named to the 2017 USA Softball Junior Women's National Training Team:

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3. Three Bruins were also named to the 2017 USA Softball Women's National Team:

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4. The Bruins have had just three head coaches in their history: Sharron Backus, Sue Enquist and Kelly Inouye-Perez.

5. UCLA softball has retired six numbers in their history: Lisa Fernandez, Dot Richardson, Sue Enquist, Gina Vecchione, Lisa Longaker and Debbie Doom.

6. Many Bruins turn out to be Olympic studs. A total of 15 Bruins have worn the Red, White and Blue in the Olympics, with 11 of those players having won gold medals. Seven Bruins are inducted in the ASA/USA Softball Hall of Fame.

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7. UCLA pitching boasts the top three ERAs of all-time: Tracy Compton (0.15), Lisa Fernandez (0.22), Debbie Doom (0.29). Bruin pitchers have thrown 108 no-hitters, including 14 in the postseason, the latest of which came in 2016 NCAA Tournament by Johanna Grauer.

8. Yeah, don't mess with Selina Ta'amilo:

9. Senior Delaney Spaulding has great ideas for Chipotle.  Her two older sisters also played softball: Amber (Oklahoma), Danielle (North Carolina).

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10. Rachel Garcia appreciates a nice chalk line. But, really, who doesn't? So gooooooddd.

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11. Taylor Pack knows how to bring the cheese and make people laugh:

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12. Paige Halstead can play the drums and the ukulele. Her brother, Ryan, is currently a pitcher on the minor league baseball San Jose Giants team. He played in the College World Series with Indiana. He is the school's all-time saves leader.
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13. Two Bruins have earned college's highest honor, as Lisa Fernandez (1993) and Natasha Watley (2003) have each won the Honda-Broderick Cup.

14. Former UCLA coach Sue Enquist loves to surf and is a former professional surfer:

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15. Coach Kirk Walker is a contributor at Outsports.com, a website focused on producing news about LGBT issues and athletes involved in sports.

16. Kylee Perez is one of the best ball players out there and doesn't let Type-1 Diabetes stop her. Her sister, Briana (No. 1 2018 Hot 100 player), will also be joining the Bruins next fall.
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17. Freshman Jenna Crawford is the fifth in her family to have played a UCLA sport: brother Brandon Crawford (baseball), sister Amy Crawford (softball), brother-in-law Gerrit Cole (baseball), sister-in-law Jalynne Dantzscher Crawford (gymnastics).
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18. Selina, Aaliyah, and Imani know how to bring it on the karaoke stage:

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19. Redshirt junior Jelly Felix is one of only two remaining players who are wearing #42 at UCLA. Along with football's Kenny Young, him and Felix will be the last two to wear the number, made famous by UCLA legend Jackie Robinson.

20. Junior Madeline Jelenicki played softball, baseball and track in high school.

21. Sophomore Imani Johnson's father, Kenneth, played for the Green Bay Packers. She also knows how to play the violin.

22. Sophomore Brianna Tautalafua's sister just concluded a four-year career at Long Beach State. Brianna also plays the piano, ukulele and guitar.

23. The Bruins lead all schools with 11 National Championships.
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24. They have appeared in the Women's College World Series 28 times and in the Championship game 21 times.

25. Stevie Wisz is a fitness guru:

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26. Madilyn "Bubba" Nickles was awarded the No. 2 Sports Story of the Year by Guam Sports Network for winning the 2015-2016 Gatorade National Softball Player of the Year:

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27. Coaches Kelly Inouye-Perez and Lisa Fernandez are close friends and have been for a long time.

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