Class of 2020: Softball Recruits 301-400

Class of 2020: Softball Recruits 301-400

FloSoftball Class of 2020: Softball Recruits 301-400

Oct 4, 2017 by FloSoftball Staff
Class of 2020: Softball Recruits 301-400
Over the last two weeks, FloSoftball unveiled the updated 2020 Hot 100 list and today we roll out the players ranked 301-400, following the lists of #'s 101-200 and 201-300.

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Over the last two weeks, FloSoftball unveiled the updated 2020 Hot 100 list and today we roll out the players ranked 301-400, following the lists of #'s 101-200 and 201-300.

Tomorrow, we'll with our Top 500 sophomores as we publish players ranked #'s 401-500 and join us Monday to find out which college programs are scoring early in the race to get the top 2020's!

As always, if any of the players' information needs modified--perhaps because of switching club team or finalizing the college choice--please email information to


Rank First Last Pos Club Team University/College
301 Malia Xiao Gin P/IF California Suncats - Jiminez Oregon State
302 Mackenna Steele 3B/MIF Universal Fastpitch Fresno State
303 Sydney Collazos C Texas Dirt Divas Baylor
T-304 Jillian Hewes 1B/P Carolina Elite South Carolina
T-304 Rachel Perez P Team Long Island DeMarini Penn State
305 Jacee Hamlin OF/IF Impact Gold DFW Texas Tech
306 Celeste Simpson C/IF Carolina Elite-Gleason uncommitted
T-307 Julia Mortimer OF Firecrackers - Lutterloh Penn
T-307 Lexi Parsons 3B Ohio Outlaws Premier - Parson uncommitted
308 Kalei Chrisensen UT Texas Glory North Texas
309 Gracen Chambless C/1B Carolina Elite - Pack USC Upstate
310 Shelby Sargent OF Tennessee Fury Middle Tennessee State
T-311 Caleigh Millican P Texas Dirt Divas Louisiana Tech
T-311 Regan Edwards 3B Tulsa Elite uncommitted
312 Morgan Maddaluna OF/2B Carolina Elite - Pack Western Carolina
313 Abby Gunter C/IF Central Coast Athletics Iowa State
T-314 Ashley Kennedy C/IF Lemont Rockers uncommitted
T-314 Bryn Elliott C Ohio Outlaws Premier - Parson uncommitted
315 Gabby Givers OF EC Bullets - Byars uncommitted
316 Jocelyn Currie 2B/OF Illinois Chill uncommitted
317 Raigan Mock P Centex Buzz Stephen F. Austin
318 Jocelyn Abbott IF/OF St. Louis Chaos - Eagan uncommitted
319 Ja'Lynn Swiney IF Angels Fastpitch uncommitted
320 D'Aun Riggs OF Birmingham Thunderbolts - Dorsett/Burt uncommitted
T-321 Allie Beck OF Corona Angels Biola
T-321 Ashley Vallejo P Texas Bombers McNeese State
322 Marley Holmes P/1B Georgia Impact National - Lewis uncommitted
323 Zahri Dunson 1B/OF Georgia Impact - Newland uncommitted
324 Jessica Acosta 2B Athletics - Mercado uncommitted
T-325 Maddy Duryea OF Desert Thunder Dixie State
T-325 Simone Medeiros OF California Suncats - Jiminez Stephen F. Austin
326 Anna Carden 2B/OF Factory Fastpitch uncommitted
327 Liz Seymour 1B EC Bullets - Aycock uncommitted
T-328 Maddy Mays P/3B Universal Fastpitch uncommitted
T-328 Bristol Reichard 3B PA Strikers La Salle
329 Olivia Marshall OF Carolina Elite - Pack USC Upstate
330 Hannah Farley P/1B Firecrackers - Gale uncommitted
T-331 Bailey Welch OF Birmingham Thunderbolts 02 uncommitted
T-331 Olivia Fannin P EC Bullets - Byars uncommitted
332 Alex Perren C/OF Impact Gold MS - Holeman uncommitted
T-333 Elianna Reyes OF/IF Firecrackers - TJ uncommitted
T-333 Camyl Armendariz SS/3B Corona Angels - Tyson uncommitted
334 Mackensie Vasquez MIF/OF Texas Blaze uncommitted
335 Brooklyn Linneman P/1B Ohio Hawks - Joseforsky uncommitted
336 Annabel Adams IF Impact Gold North Georgia
337 Kayla Stone SS Central Coast Athletics Hawaii
338 Claire Carson OF Georgia Impact National - Wright uncommitted
T-339 Jaya Herring OF TN Elite Gold uncommitted
T-339 Zoey Jones OF/1B Rock Gold - Waye Florida Atlantic
340 Kylie Gaffney P Firecrackers - Jensen uncommitted
341 Lindsey Richardson 1B Birmingham Vipers - Standifer Jacksonville State
342 Karlee Juarez C/OF California Grapettes Miami-Ohio
343 Paige Andrews IF/UT EC Bullets - Byars uncommitted
T-344 Ally Bigham MIF Team NC - Baylog UNC Charlotte
T-344 Hallie Bryant OF/2B Gainesville Gold uncommitted
345 Kinsey Ventura OF/1B Ohio Hawks - Joseforsky uncommitted
T-346 Katie Contreras 1B Factory Fastpitch uncommitted
T-346 Lauren Anderson C/OF Factory Fastpitch uncommitted
347 Avery Bellai OF Team NC - Mele Appalachian State
348 Juliana Perez MIF/OF Universal Fastpitch uncommitted
349 Breanna Cooper OF/SS Ohio Lasers Green uncommitted
350 Mary Beth Cahalan C/3B EC Bullets - Byars uncommitted
T-351 Valerie Ornelas C Firecrackers - Davis Cal State Fullerton
T-351 Shelby Buchanan OF So Cal Choppers - Fausett uncommitted
352 Kaytlin Leyvas C/3B Oro Valley Suncats uncommitted
353 Natalie Hurdle OF/IF Birmingham Thunderbolts 02 uncommitted
354 Alexa Williams P Firecrackers - Brashear/Thornburg San Diego
355 Zaia Castruita 3B Athletics - Mercado uncommitted
T-356 Lauren Florez P/1B KC Peppers-Wallace uncommitted
T-356 Nicole Bondoc OF Jersey Nightmare St. Joseph's
357 Anna Lewis MIF/OF EC Bullets - Byars uncommitted
358 Ashleigh Robinson MIF Tampa Mustangs - TJ uncommitted
T-359 Elie Roberts SS/P Factory Fastpitch uncommitted
T-359 Johnna Staggs P/1B Huntsville Sparks Elite uncommitted
360 Brooklyn Ostrowski OF Panthers Fastpitch Fordham
361 Kendall Shank P/1B PA Strikers Premier uncommitted
T-362 Hallie Mele P/MIF Team NC - Mele USC Upstate
T-362 Sydney Nuismer P Nebraska Gold 14U uncommitted
363 Sasamamao Koria 3B/1B Athletics - Mercado uncommitted
364 Caroline Lively C Georgia Impact National - Wright uncommitted
365 Lexi Moore OF/SS Wagner's Gold-Allender Delaware
366 Izzabela Goerke C/UT Oro Valley Suncats Grand Canyon
T-367 Kat Grill OF/UT Birmingham Thunderbolts - Dorsett/Burt uncommitted
T-367 Easton Head UT KC Peppers Gold - Eakin uncommitted
368 Taylor Snow P/1B Louisiana Voodoo Memphis
T-369 Mattie Lee 3B/SS Oklahoma Athletics McNeese State
T-369 Lanaya Bates OF/SS Jersey Intensity uncommitted
370 Lindsey Phares MIF Ohio Outlaws Premier - Lucas uncommitted
371 Emma Bode OF/2B Ohio Hawks - Joseforsky uncommitted
372 Abigail Turner Georgia Power uncommitted
373 Maddie Kieity C Top Gun Academy - Sciara uncommitted
T-374 Kelsey Carr P Team Long Island DeMarini Seton Hall
T-374 JoJo Rodriguez 1B/OF Ohana Tigers - Quarles uncommitted
375 Ellie Easterly P Atlanta Premier 02 - Ryman uncommitted
376 Bess Adams P Birmingham Thunderbolts 02 uncommitted
T-377 Alyssa Kaneshiro C So Cal Choppers - Fausett uncommitted
T-377 Victoria O'Keefe C/3B Atlanta Premier 02 - Ryman uncommitted
378 Shelbie Caro 1B Lady Magic 14U uncommitted
379 Abby Hughes P Georgia Impact - Newland uncommitted
380 Jordan Cabana MIF/P Texas Glory Harding
T-381 Sam Oliver 1B LTG Lions uncommitted
T-381 Kaitlyn Tucker MIF Carolina Elite 14 Gold - Fisher uncommitted
382 Audrey Shebloski SS Factory Fastpitch uncommitted
383 Alexis Holloway OF/3B Athletics - Mercado uncommitted
384 Janie Worthington P Oklahoma Athletics uncommitted
385 Erykah Guerrero C Texas Blaze Texas-San Antonio
386 Sam DiCicco 2B/SS Finesse - Dreher uncommitted
387 Macey Keester OF/2B Firecrackers - TJ uncommitted
T-388 Kennedy Foote MIF/OF Birmingham Thunderbolts - Dorsett/Burt uncommitted
T-388 Emily Silberman P PA Strikers uncommitted
389 Cassidy Brendtke 2B/3B Finesse - Dreher uncommitted
390 Isabelle Shroyer P/OF Ohio Lasers Green uncommitted
T-391 Jacie Hambrick P/IF AZ Desert Thunder Grand Canyon
T-391 Libbie McMahan MIF So Cal Choppers - Fausett uncommitted
392 Megan Herka IF Team Long Island DeMarini Hofstra
393 Gracie Benton OF Birmingham Vipers - Standifer uncommitted
394 Lauren Bobowski OF/3B Finesse - Dreher uncommitted
395 Torrie Gall IF/OF Ohio Lasers Green uncommitted
396 Katie Parker SS/OF Finesse - Skapyak uncommitted
397 Anna White MIF EC Bullets - Byars uncommitted
T-398 Lucy Cronin IF Finesse - Dreher uncommitted
T-398 Taryn Lennon P/UT So Cal A's - Briggs uncommitted
399 Alena Ramirez 2B/OF Factory Fastpitch George Washington
400 Alexis Bonk P Finesse - Wojcik uncommitted