Signing Day Spotlight: Brooke Vestal

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For two years, Brooke Vestal held the No. 1 ranking the 2018 Hot 100. The franchise pitcher is still amongst the top pitchers in her class. Vestal shares her big signing day with FloSoftball.

Did you ever think this day signing with your dream school would come?

I've known for a while now where I'm going, and it's weird that signing day is actually here! It's exciting how close I am to being a Sooner. 

Where will you be signing your National Letter of Intent (NLI) this week?

I signed at my high school in the gym with nine other athletes. 

Will it be a big occasion or more low-key?

The signing itself was a lot of people celebrating all the athletes and then afterward my family had a small party for the people that have helped shape me into the person I am today. 

What date did you actually commit and how long ago was it?

I committed during spring break of my 8th grade year! So about three and a half years ago. 

What highlight stands out to you about the recruiting process?

I have to say the highlight of my recruiting process was my first year at PGF. Getting to play against such incredible athletes in front of so many coaches was and is an amazing experience. 

What was the "aha" moment when you knew the program was the right one for you?

From my first visit to OU in November of 2013, I knew I would be a Sooner. 

What will signing with your dream school mean to you personally and to those who've been part of your success (family, coaches, teammates, etc.)?

Signing with my dream school represents a huge goal of mine being met. I'm so thankful for my family, coaches, and teammates that have helped get me here. Now I have to work even harder to benefit my team as much as I can for the next four years. 

How much gear/product do you have of your future school?

I have quite a bit, but am always looking to buy more! I find myself on the website quite often looking at things I "HAVE" to have. Who doesn't look great in crimson?

What's next for you and your softball plans?   

I know the real work is about to start, and I can’t wait to play on a team with such a tradition of success. I hope to play a role in the next few Sooner national championships!

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