How AthPro360 Is Changing The Game

How AthPro360 Is Changing The Game

FloSoftball partners with AthPro360 to improve our content, Hot 100 rankings, and FAB 50 rankings.

Apr 26, 2018 by Chez Sievers
How AthPro360 Is Changing The Game

We have a huge responsibility at FloSoftball to keep improving our content, Hot 100 rankings, and FAB 50 rankings. That's why we've partnered with AthPro360 to help us uncover stories of phenomenal athletes who may have been overlooked and to provide objective data to legitimize our rankings.

AthPro360 has created an innovative and proprietary patent-pending process that combines two critical player performance metrics—Athletic Performance Index and a Skill Performance Index—to generate a unique Player Performance Index which provides an objective measurement of player’s on-ground skill sets.

AthPro360 Athletic Performance and Skill Performance events allow athletes get an in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses in different test groups along with recommendations on areas that need to be improved.

These combines, held all over the country, are specifically engineered to get a complete skill and athletic evaluation for each individual player.

How it works?

AthPro360 is created for players and teams to assess their skill levels and get an unbiased objective analysis Athletic Index report that will help them identify areas that need training and improvisation.

  • Team and Individual Evaluations provide comparison metrics for individual athletes as well as teams to compare their performance metrics with other athletes from peer groups or teams, as the case may be.

  • Single Objective Measurements provide every athlete with a yardstick to identify areas in which they need to improve their skills in order to get ahead of their peers.

What is an Athletic Performance Index?

All athlete evaluations and tryouts have been designed using the most sophisticated protocols in order to assess an athlete’s on-ground skill level. AP360 has created a proprietary algorithm that combines an athlete’s scores in individual tests and returns a single metric that sums up their current skill level. The resulting number is called player’s Athletic Performance Index.

How scores & index are calculated?

Every athlete’s test performance score is compared and analyzed with historical scores of other players in the database. This single number measures a player’s skill against every player who has ever been tested. Players then are able to realistically evaluate their on-field strengths and weaknesses and plan to improve their skills.

Find more information about upcoming AthPro360 events here.