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Top Plays From USA JO Cup

The USA Softball Junior Olympic Cup is set to host 32 of the nation's elite clubs in the 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions in St. Louis from July 23-28.

This tournament, which is streaming LIVE on FloSoftball, also serves as an opportunity for evaluation by the USA Softball coaching staff and the Women's National Team Selection Committee (WNTSC).

"What a great opportunity to have some of the best teams coming together to play in a tournament that has prestige," USA women's national team head coach Ken Eriksen said. "We will find out who the most competitive programs in the country are now! The entire USA Softball coaching staff will be present also to evaluate these players for our future National Teams."

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Monday, July 23


Age Group
7/238:30D1MI FinessevsSarasota Heat 0314U
7/238:30D2Select Fastpitch 14UvsATL Vipers14U
7/238:30D3STL Chaos 03 - BeattyvsNM Express14U
7/238:30D4Gold Coast Hurricanes - CrespovsAZ Sidewinders14U
7/238:30E1IN Fusion ElitevsGA Elite18U
7/238:30E2OH OutlawsvsScrap Yard Internationals18U
7/238:30E3TN MojovsPA Chaos18U
7/238:30E4Rock Gold - WayevsLA Voodoo18U
7/238:30F1Sarasota HeatvsVA Unity18U
7/238:30F2OK Exclusive - HughesvsMI Finesee18U
7/238:30F3Turnin2vsAZ Hotshots18U
7/238:30F4FL Impact - FeldmanvsOR Titans Gold18U

7/2310:30D1LA VoodoovsCarolina Elite - Page14U
7/2310:30D2Gametime Stars 2021 GoldvsNW Vandals14U
7/2310:30D3MN StingvsNebraska Gold 14s14U
7/2310:30E1OH Hawks - HutchinsonvsCarolina Elite18U
7/2310:30E2TX Glory - AdkinsvsMO Prospects18U
7/2310:30E3GA Power DeMarinivsWagners - Kiple18U
7/2310:30E4Aces Express - McCorklevsGametime Stars Gold18U
7/2310:30F1Williamsburg StarzvsSTL Chaos - Beatty18U
7/2310:30F2OK Exclusive - HughesvsVA Unity18U
7/2310:30F3Turnin2vsOR Titans Gold18U
7/2310:30F4Gold Coast Hurricanes - CoopervsTX Storm18U

7/2312:30D1Gold Coast Hurricanes - HammondsvsOH Outlaws Premier 14U14U
7/2312:30D2TX Sudden Impact 14U-04vsOK Athletics 14U Gold - Madden14U
7/2312:30D3TX Glory 14U Gold - AdkinsvsFury Platinum14U
7/2312:30D4Tennessee Elite 04 GoldvsVision FP14U
7/2312:30E1IN Fusion ElitevsScrap Yard Internationals18U
7/2312:30E2GA ElitevsOH Outlaws18U
7/2312:30E3TN MojovsRock Gold - Waye18U
7/2312:30E4LA VoodoovsPA Chaos18U
7/2312:30F1Sarasota HeatvsMI Finesse18U
7/2312:30F2Vision FPvsGold Coast Hurricanes18U
7/2312:30F3STL ChaosvsTampa Mustangs18U
7/2312:30F4FL Impact - FeldmanvsAZ Hotshots18U

7/233:00D1AZ ThundercatsvsOH Hawks14U
7/233:00D2MI FinessevsSelect Fastpitch - 14U14U
7/233:00D3Sarasota Heat 03vsSTL Chaos 03 - Beatty14U
7/233:00D4ATL VipersvsNM Express14U
7/233:00E1OH HawksvsMO Prospects18U
7/233:00E2TX Glory - AdkinsvsCarolina Elite18U
7/233:00E3GA Power DeMarini GoldvsGametime Stars Gold18U
7/233:00E4TX Aces Express - McCorklevsWagners - Kiple18U
7/233:00F1NO GAME

7/233:00F2Williamsburg StarzvsVision FP18U
7/233:00F3Tampa MustangsvsTX Storm18U
7/233:00F4NO GAME

7/235:00D1AZ SidewindersvsCarolina Elite - Page14U
7/235:00D2Gold Coast Hurricanes - HammondsvsOK Athletics 14U Gold - Madden14U
7/235:00D3Aces Express FuturesvsTennessee Elite 04 Gold14U
7/235:00D4Vision FPvsTennessee Elite 04 Gold14U
7/235:00E1Impact Gold MS - HolemanvsOH Hawks 16u Gold - Lenos16U
7/235:00E2Premier FastpitchvsFury Platinum16U
7/235:00E3Turnin2vsRock Gold16U
7/235:00E4Nebraska Gold 15U - NuismervsLA Voodoo16U
7/235:00F1MI FinessevsSt. Louis Chaos - Slover16U
7/235:00F2Atlanta Vipers - HolbrookvsVision FP16U
7/235:00F3Louisville Lady SluggersvsOK Athletics 16U Gold16U
7/235:00F4Panthers Fastpitch - StevensvsTop Gun Academy - Angels16U

7/237:00D1Gold Coast Hurricanes - CrespovsLA Voodoo14U
7/237:00D2TX Glory 14U Gold - AdkinsvsLouisville Lady Sluggers Premier-Wright 14U
7/237:00D3Gametime Stars 2021 GoldvsMN Sting14U
7/237:00D4NW VandalsvsNebraska Gold 14s14U
7/237:00E1Wichita MustangsvsHatters Gold - Birle16U
7/237:00E2Carolina ElitevsKC Zephyrs - Corona16U
7/237:00E3TN MOJO 2020vsGlory Adkins 16U Gold16U
7/237:00E4Louisville Lady Sluggers - SwiderskivsGametime Stars Gold 2020 16U - Smith16U
7/237:00F1Texas Dirt Divas 05vsNE Gold16U
7/237:00F2Select Fastpitch 16UvsAZ Thundercats 16U16U
7/237:00F3Gold Coast Hurricanesvs16U New Lenox Lightning DB16U
7/237:00F4Lady GatorsvsScrap Yard Internationals16U

7/239:00D1Fury PlatinumvsAZ Thundercats14U
7/239:00D2Louisville Lady Sluggers Premier-Wright vsAces Express Futures14U
7/239:00D3Texas Sudden Impact 14U-04vsOH Hawks14U
7/239:00E1Impact Gold MS HolemanvsFury Platinum16U
7/239:00E2Premier FastpitchvsOhio Hawks 16u Gold - Lenos16U
7/239:00E3Turnin2vsLA Voodoo 16U
7/239:00E4Nebraska Gold 15U - NuismervsRock Gold16U
7/239:00F1MI FinessevsVision FP16U
7/239:00F2Atlanta Vipers - HolbrookvsSt. Louis Chaos - Slover16U
7/239:00F3Louisville Lady SluggersvsTop Gun Academy - Angels16U
7/239:00F4Panthers Fastpitch-StevensvsOK Athletics 16U Gold 16U

Tuesday, July 24


Age Group
7/248:30D1MI FinessevsTennessee Elite 04 Gold14U
7/248:30D2Atlanta VipersvsVision FP14U
7/248:30D3AZ SidewindersvsGametime Starz Gold14U
7/248:30D4Glory Adkins 14U GoldvsOK Athletics 14U Gold - Madden14U
7/248:30E1Wichita MustangsvsCarolina Elite16U
7/248:30E2Glory Adkins 16U GoldvsGametime Stars Gold 2020 16U - Smith16U
7/248:30E3TN MOJO 2020vsLouisville Lady Sluggers - Swiderski16U
7/248:30E4Hatters Gold - BirlevsKC Zephyrs - Corona16U
7/248:30F1Texas Dirt Divas 05vsSelect Fastpitch 16U16U
7/248:30F216U New Lenox Lifghtning DBvsScrap Yard Internationals16U
7/248:30F3Gold Coast HurricanesvsLady Gators 16U
7/248:30F4NE GoldvsAZ Thundercats 16U16U

7/2410:30D1Select Fastpitch 14UvsGold Coast Hurricanes - Crespo14U
7/2410:30D2Aces Express FuturesvsOH Outlaws14U
7/2410:30D3Nebraska Gold 14svsFury Platinum14U
7/2410:30D4Sarasota Heat 03vsNM Express14U
7/2410:30E1Impact Gold MS HolemanvsNebraska Gold 15U - Nuismer16U
7/2410:30E2Ohio Hawks 16u Gold - LenosvsLA Voodoo16U
7/2410:30E3Turnin2vsPremier Fastpitch16U
7/2410:30E4Rock GoldvsFury Platinum16U
7/2410:30F1MI FinessevsPanthers Fastpitch-Stevens16U
7/2410:30F2St. Louis Chaos - SlovervsTop Gun Academy - Angels16U
7/2410:30F3Louisville Lady SluggersvsAtlanta Vipers - Holbrook16U
7/2410:30F4OK Athletics 16U GoldvsVision FP16U

7/2412:30D1Carolina Elite - PagevsOH Hawks14U
7/2412:30D2St Louis Chaos 03 - BeattyvsLA Voodoo14U
7/2412:30D3NW VandalsvsMN Sting14U
7/2412:30E1Wichita MustangsvsGametime Stars Gold 2020 16U16U
7/2412:30E2Glory Adkins 16U GoldvsCarolina Elite16U
7/2412:30E3TN MOJO 2020vsKC Zephyrs-Corona16U
7/2412:30E4Hatters Gold BirlevsLouisville Lady Sluggers - Swiderski16U
7/2412:30F1Texas Dirt Divas 05vs16U New Lenox Lifghtning DB16U
7/2412:30F2Scrap Yard InternationalsvsSelect Fastpitch 16U16U
7/2412:30F3Gold Coast HurricanesvsAZ Thundercats 16U16U
7/2412:30F4NE GoldvsLady Gators16U

7/243:00D1Louisville Lady Sluggers Premier-WrightvsGold Coast Hurricanes - Crespo14U
7/243:00D2Texas Sudden Impact 14U-04vsAZ Thundercats14U

7/245:00E1IN Fusion ElitevsRock Gold - Waye18U
7/245:00E2GA ElitevsLA Voodoo18U
7/245:00E3TN MojovsOH Outlaws18U
7/245:00E4PA ChaosvsScrap Yard Internationals18U
7/245:00F1Sarasota HeatvsOR Titans Gold18U
7/245:00F2VA UnityvsFL Impact - Feldman18U
7/245:00F3Turnin2vsOK Exclusive Gold - Hughes18U
7/245:00F4AZ HotshotsvsMI Finesse18U

7/247:00E1OH Hawks Gold - HutchinsonvsTX Aces Express - McCorkle18U
7/247:00E2Carolina ElitevsGametime Stars Gold18U
7/247:00E3GA Power DeMarini GoldvsTX Glory - Adkins18U
7/247:00E4Wagners - KiplevsMO Prospects18U
7/247:00F1Williamsburg StarzvsGold Coast Hurricanes - Cooper18U
7/247:00F2STL Chaos - BeattyvsTX Storm18U
7/247:00F3Tampa Mustangs - BellvsVision FP18U

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