2018 PGF Shootout

PGF Shootout: How To Watch, Time, & Live Stream Info

PGF Shootout: How To Watch, Time, & Live Stream Info

The 2018 PGF Shootout is streaming LIVE exclusively on FloSoftball October 6-7 from Fountain Valley Sports Park in Fountain Valley, Calif.

Sep 25, 2018 by Allie Martinez
PGF Shootout: How To Watch, Time, & Live Stream Info

The 2018 PGF Shootout is streaming LIVE exclusively on FloSoftball October 6-7 from Fountain Valley Sports Park (Fields 1-4 Only) in Fountain Valley, Calif. Highly touted teams from 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U will vie for a chance to be crowned the PGF Shootout Champions. 

In the 18U division, Corona Angels Tyson, Cal Cruisers, Explosion Gold, Athletics Mercado, Jersey Intensity, NW Bullets Campos, Beverly Bandits, So Cal Choppers, Sorcerer, So Cal Athletics Richardson, Oro Valley Suncats are just a few of the teams traveling to Orange County to do battle.

The 16U division will be contentious with top finishing 14U teams moving up a division like Arizona Storm Mathis, Corona Angels Slye, Choppers Fausett, Breakers Labs, Bandits Conroy, Athletics Mercado/Greg facing off against top finishing 16U squads Easton Preps and Batbusters Lara/Portesi.

Don't sleep on the 12U and 14U division that includes Athletics Mercado/Greg, Arizona Storm Mathis/Appel, Breeze - Fernald, Cruisers Caouette, Universal Fastpitch, Power Surge, Athletics Mercado, and more.

How to Watch

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On The Go: Download the iOS app.

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October 6-7 (All Times PT)

Fountain Valley Fields 1-4




10/68:30 AMFV 1Explosion OlmosSorcerer Williams
10/68:30 AMFV 2Easton PrepsCal Nuggets
10/68:30 AMFV 3Choppers FausettAZ Storm
10/68:30 AMFV 4Athletics GregNW Bullets
10/610:30 AMFV 1Batbusters LaraBreakers Labs
10/610:30 AMFV 2SC Athletics BriggsAces Storm
10/610:30 AMFV 3WB WarriorsBeverly Bandits BC
10/610:30 AMFV 4Corona Angels SlyeSuncats Jimenez
10/612:30 PMFV 1

10/612:30 PMFV 2

10/612:30 PMFV 3

10/612:30 PMFV 4

10/62:30 PMFV 1

10/62:30 PMFV 2

10/62:30 PMFV 3

10/62:30 PMFV 4



10/64:30 PMFV 3
10/64:30 PMFV 4


10/78:30 AMFV 2ExplosionAthletics Ornelas
10/78:30 AMFV 3Batbusters GarciaSorcerer Marks
10/78:30 AMFV 4Corona Angels MTFirecrackers TJ
10/710:30 AMFV 2Choppers KAM
10/710:30 AMFV 3
Power Surge
10/710:30 AMFV 4

10/712:30 PMFV 2

10/712:30 PMFV 3

10/712:30 PMFV 4SC Athletics Beck
10/72:30 PMFV 2

10/72:30 PMFV 3

10/74:30 PMFV 2



18U Gold Corona Angels Howard18UCA
Artesia Punishers- Medina18UCA
Athletics Mercado (PGF)18UCA
Athletics TO Mercado/Tidd 18U18UCA
Beverly Bandits Premier Kelly/Tyrrell18UIL
Cal Cruisers18UCA
California Breeze Warren18UCA
california cruisers-AE18UCA
Cal Nuggets 18U Woods18UCA
Corona Angels (Tyson)18UCA
Explosion Gold18UCA
Firecrackers TJ18UCA
Illinois Chill Gold 18U18UIL
Irvine Sting 18U18UCA
Jersey Intensity 18U KOD Premier18UNJ
LTG Lions - Henderson/Lively18UCA
NW Bullets Campos18UOR
Oro Valley Suncats 18U Gold - Judge18UAZ
Salinas Storm 18u Heen18UCA
So Cal Athletics Briggs 18U18UCA
So Cal Athletics Richardson18UCA
So Cal Choppers Ensey 18u18UCA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 18u18UCA
Sorcerer 18G - Williams18UCA
Sorcerer Old Skool18UCA
Universal Fastpitch Garcia18UCA
Universal Spary 18G18UCA
USA Athletics 18 Gold18UCA
West Bay Warriors 18U18UCA


16U Explosion Flores/Olmos16UCA
Aces 18u Gold16UCA
Arizona Storm Mathis16UAZ
Beverly Bandits Premier Conroy16UIL
Breakers Labs 16u Black16UCA
Cal Nuggets Woods16UCA
Corona Angels Slye 16U16UCA
Easton Preps - 16u Hansen16UCA
NW Bullets - Muir16UOR
OC Batbusters 16u Lara/Portesi16UCA
So Cal Athletics Briggs 16U16UCA
So Cal Choppers 16u Fausett16UCA
Sorcerer 16U – Schroll/Williams16UCA
West Bay Warriors 16U Gold16UCA


Arizona Storm Mathis/Appel14UAZ
Athletics-Mercado/ Greg14UCA
California Breeze - Fernald14UCA
California Cruisers Caouette14UCA
Cal Nuggets 14U Woods14UCA
Corona Angels 14U (Tyson)14UCA
Explosion Flores / Mays14UCA
LTG - Henderson/Lively14UCA
NW Bullets - Dawson14UWA
OC Batbusters Flores14UCA
Salinas Storm 14U Plascencia14UCA
So Cal Athletics Medina/Briggs 14U14UCA
So Cal Choppers Fausett 14u14UCA
Universal Fastpitch 0414UCA
West Bay Warriors 16U Green14UCA


12U Explosion - Denio12UCA
Arizona Storm Munoz/Holtorf12UAZ
Athletics Mercado Ornelas12UCA
Batbusters-Garcia 202412UCA
Corona Angels Tyson 0612UCA
Power Surge Berndes12UCA
San Jose Lady Sharks 2024 Fales12UCA
So Cal Athletics Beck 12u12UCA
SoCal Choppers KAM 0612UCA
Suncats- Calvo12UCA

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