High Level Throwing Progression With Austin Wasserman

The High Level Throwing Pattern Explained

Austin Wasserman is the Founder of Wasserman Strength, LLC and High Level Throwing, with locations in New Hampshire and Florida. He’s a Strength Coach, Performance Coach and Author from Brooklyn, New York. He’s the Author of the High Level Throwing® Series E-Books!

Austin received his B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength & Conditioning through the University of Connecticut Department of Kinesiology. He also received his Master's Degree in Human Nutrition through the University of Bridgeport.

He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has been training athletes for the past 15 years.

Austin works with Youth, High School, College, MiLB & MLB Baseball Players as well as Softball Players of all ages. He consults for some of the top baseball and softball programs in the country such as Vanderbilt, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, University of Washington, UNCW, Coastal Carolina, Texas Lutheran, and Michigan State to name a few.

His book, High Level Throwing, is the most used overhand throwing book for Rec, Travel, High School and College Players/Organizations. This book teaches softball players how to maximize velocity, improve accuracy and create intent based on position, through constraint training drills and progressions. Austin resides in Deerfield Beach, FL with his wife Amanda, his son Breck and his dog Roscoe.

HighLevelThrowing.com is an educational website for Baseball and Softball players with information and training products for Arm Care, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Velocity Development, and Training Books! You can also visit WassermanStrength.com for information on Strength Training for Baseball & Softball Players!

You can email austin@highlevelthrowing.com.

Visit https://www.highlevelthrowing.com or follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Focus on the Process of Development

The time to learn and build your foundation of throwing is now.

  • Establish a routine to take with you as you get older.
  • Throwing volume starts to increase as you get older, so prepping the body before you throw and recovery after each session will minimize the risk of an acute and/or chronic injury.

The Proper Warm-Ups

These warmups will help with your overall athleticism and will transfer to performing on the field.

Drills & Progressions For All Players

Perform 2-3 days/week at 50-75% effort for the first four drills. Choose 1-3 drills out of this category for your team/players.

More Drills & Progressions For All Players

Perform 2-3 days/week at 80-100% effort for the next series of drills. Choose 1-3 drills out of this category for your team/players.

Long Toss Protocol

RPI = Rate of Perceived Intensity

Long Toss can be performed on the same day as the HLT Drills or on separate days. Use play catch intensity to get out to your desired distance and then perform the long toss protocol.

High Level Throwing® Program - Long Toss
RPI = Rate of Perceived Intensity
Week 1Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 60-90 ft.
Week 2Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 60-90 ft.
Week 3Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 90-120 ft.
Week 4Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 90-120 ft.
Week 5Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 120-150 ft.
Week 6Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 120-150 ft.
Week 7Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 150-180 ft.
Week 8Regulation Softball1 Set @ 50-75 % RPI1 x 20-30 Arc Throws @ 150-180 ft.
Week 9Regulation Softball2 Sets @ 90-100 % RPI2 x 15 Arc Throws @ 180+ ft.
Week 10Regulation Softball2 Sets @ 90-100 % RPI2 x 15 Arc Throws @ 180+ ft.

Remember, these are guidelines. If you feel good that day, go out further or add a few more reps. If you feel fatigued or sore, keep the distance shorter and minimize the number of throws. If any discomfort or pain is felt, stop immediately and directly into post-throw recovery drills.

High Level Throwing® Program Details
Prep Work & Activation
Adductor Rocker6-10 reps1 setsSlow and Controlled
Prone Trap Raise6-10 reps1 setsSlow and Controlled
T-Spine Mobility6-10 reps1 setsSlow and Controlled
Supine Twist6-10 reps1 setsSlow and Controlled
Partner Rhythmics6-10 reps1 sets:10 each position
HLT Drills 
Double Kneeling Throws5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 50% RPI
Half Kneeling Throws5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 50% RPI
Staggered Stance Throws5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 50% RPI
Pivot Throws5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 50% RPI
HLT Drills
Load Throw5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 80% -100% RPI
Double Hop Throw5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 80% -100% RPI
Half Kneel Turn & Throw5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 80% -100% RPI
Reverse Rocker Throw5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 80% -100% RPI
Adductor Rocker Throw5-8 Reps1 set1 set @ 80% -100% RPI

Recovery & Stretching

Learn our stretching and recovery routine that you can do after a practice or game.

Stretching after each session is a way to increase blood flow to specific areas in the body.

This helps reduce muscle soreness and allows you to feel fresh and ready for your next training session, practice or game.

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