Softball Practice Plans For a Rainy Day

Softball Practice Plans For a Rainy Day

Make the most of your rainy days with these practice plans to keep the team sharp despite the weather.

May 15, 2020 by Alex Rees
Softball Practice Plans For a Rainy Day

No matter the sport and no matter the season, it's safe to say we'd all prefer to play in dry conditions. However, such is not always the case so it's important to make the best out of the situation we're in. 

Since it's inadvisable to use the infield when it's really wet, you'll have to get a little creative to put together a solid practice plan. If you have access to the outfield grass, you can set up bases and create a makeshift infield, or you can work on relays, fly balls, and base running. 

However, if the entire field is off-limits, your next option would be to relocate to a turf field nearby -- often times the football, soccer, or lacrosse teams will use a turf field and if they aren't using it you can host training on their grounds. Unfortunately, turf fields aren't always an option for everyone, so you've got to get extra creative in that case. 

Tracking down a batting cage is the best option, but also getting some gym space can be really helpful too. Here are some fun ideas and practice plans you can put to use if you're in a gymnasium:

Target Practice

While there are only so many different ways you can play toss and catch in a gym, one fun and engaging way to get some use out of it for the team is to have a target practice competition. We'd advise using soft softballs or TCB Balls so you don't ding up the hardwood floor, and getting things like water bottles, soda cans, or really anything you want to set up as targets. 

You can line the players up and run various different games, such as who can hit the most targets in a row, or a game where each player throws from a particular spot, and the ones who hit the target advance to the next round while the ones who miss are out. As the games go on, you can move the throwing locations further back to make it more challenging on the team. 

Wiffle Ball

We've pretty much all played the age-old game of wiffle ball, and there's no reason why you can't bring that classic into play on a rainy day! Just make sure you grab a plastic bat and set up some bases and you can simulate a real game right then and there indoors. The team gets to work on real game situations, while also seeing a variety of different pitches. 

Dodge Ball

Another fun game you can play indoors is dodge ball. Not only does it work on your team's throwing and catching skills, but it also sharpens the teamwork, communication, and footwork fundamentals that make great fielders. 

These are just a few fun tips you can use the next time your team has practice rained out and you don't feel like doing another one of those "mental session" trainings. We hope these offer some help to you and your team in the future!