THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: February 26-28, 2021

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THE Spring Games is the World’s largest college softball event with collegiate teams from NCAA Divisions I, NAIA, and NJCAA teams participating from mid-February to the end of March. THE Spring Games will host over 300 games and is available to live stream or on video-on-demand exclusively on FloSoftball

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THE Spring Games 2021 starts on February 12, 2021, and runs until March 27, 2021.

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Friday, February 26
2/26/202112:30 PMLegends WayField 1New Mexico StatevsKentucky
2/26/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 1IndianavsNebraska
2/26/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 2NorthwesternvsMichigan State
2/26/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 3IllinoisvsRutgers
2/26/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 4MichiganvsPurdue
2/26/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1NebraskavsIndiana
2/26/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2Michigan StatevsNorthwestern
2/26/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 3RutgersvsIllinois
2/26/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 4PurduevsMichigan
2/26/20213:00 PMLegends WayField 1KentuckyvsFIU
2/26/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1Ohio StatevsIowa
2/26/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2Penn StatevsWisconsin
2/26/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 3MarylandvsMinnesota
2/26/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1IowavsOhio State
2/26/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2WisconsinvsPenn State
2/26/20217:15 PMSleepy HollowField 3MinnesotavsMaryland
Saturday, February 27
2/27/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 1Michigan StatevsNebraska
2/27/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 2NorthwesternvsRutgers
2/27/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 3IowavsWisconsin
2/27/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 4MarylandvsIllinois
2/27/202111:00 AMLegends WayField 1StetsonvsKentucky
2/27/202111:00 AMLegends WayField 2FIUvsNew Mexico State
2/27/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1NebraskavsMichigan State
2/27/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2RutgersvsNorthwestern
2/27/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 3MichiganvsIowa
2/27/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 4IllinoisvsMaryland
2/27/20211:30 PMLegends WayField 1StetsonvsFIU
2/27/20211:30 PMLegends WayField 2New Mexico StatevsKentucky
2/27/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1WisconsinvsIndiana
2/27/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2PurduevsPenn State
2/27/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 3MinnesotavsOhio State
2/27/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1IndianavsWisconsin
2/27/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2Penn StatevsPurdue
2/27/20217:15 PMSleepy HollowField 3Ohio StatevsMinnesota
Sunday, February 28
2/28/202110:00 AMLegends WayField 1StetsonvsNew Mexico State
2/28/202111:30 AMSleepy HollowField 1IllinoisvsMichigan
2/28/202111:30 AMSleepy HollowField 2IowavsMichigan State
2/28/202111:50 AMSleepy HollowField 3MarylandvsWisconsin
2/28/202111:50 AMSleepy HollowField 4NorthwesternvsPenn State
2/28/202112:30 PMLegends WayField 1StetsonvsKentucky
2/28/202112:30 PMLegends WayField 2New Mexico StatevsFIU
2/28/20212:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2Michigan StatevsIowa
2/28/20213:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1PurduevsRutgers
2/28/20213:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2IndianavsMinnesota
2/28/20213:30 PMSleepy HollowField 3NebraskavsOhio State
2/28/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1MichiganvsIllinois
2/28/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 3WisconsinvsMaryland
2/28/20215:00 PMSleepy HollowField 4Penn StatevsNorthwestern
2/28/20216:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1RutgersvsPurdue
2/28/20216:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2MinnesotavsIndiana
2/28/20216:15 PMSleepy HollowField 3Ohio StatevsNebraska

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