Athletes Unlimited | Week 3 Teams

Athletes Unlimited | Week 3 Teams

Week 3 of Athletes Unlimited Softball is upon us. Check out the teams that will compete against one another this week.

Sep 8, 2021 by FloSoftball Staff
Athletes Unlimited | Week 3 Teams

By Bruce Miles

Week 2 of Athletes Unlimited Softball Season 2 continued to bring the action.

Three of the four captains were returners to the top of the leaderboard. Cat Osterman regained the No. 1 spot with 830 points. First-time Captain Haylie McCleney jumped to the No. 2 spot with 796 points. Sahvanna Jaquish and Aleshia Ocasio rounded out the captains for Week 3 with 790 and 744 points, respectively. Ocasio, who sits in the No. 5 spot, will serve as Captain for Week 3 due to a known absence of Tori Vidales, who sits in fourth place on the leaderboard with 782 points.

There is also a new addition to the roster. Due to Sami Williams being unavailable for the remainder of the season, Team USA member Bubba Nickles was signed and eligible during the draft.

Meet the Week 3 teams.

Team Osterman

AthletePositionTotal PointsRank
Cat Osterman8301
Kelsey StewartInfield6868
Victoria HaywardOutfield55415
Odicci Alexander55216
Jessi WarrenInfield52420
Shelby PendleyInfield50622
Jordan RobertsC50223
Gwen SvekisC48824
Jessie HarperInfield37837
Britt VonkInfield37438
Gina Snyder34642
Katiyana MaugaInfield34043
Jazmyn JacksonOutfield30850
Megan WigginsOutfield30052
Jessica Burroughs28256

Team McCleney

AthletePositionTotal PointsRank
Haylie McCleneyOutfield7962
Tori VidalesInfield7824
Randi Rupp7086
Michelle MoultrieOutfield62010
Erika Piancastelli55614
Abby RamirezInfield47027
Nicole Newman46428
Ali AguilarInfield44629
Sashel Palacios34841
Sydney RomeroSS 32646
Sara Groenewegen32447
Riley Sartain-VaughanInfield31848
Janie ReedOutfield28855
Danielle O'Toole25858
Sam FischerInfield23859

Team Jaquish

AthletePositionTotal PointsRank
Sahvanna Jaquish7903
Aliyah AndrewsOutfield 6947
Lilli PiperInfield59812
Amanda Chidester55813
Dejah Mulipola53418
DJ SandersInfield52421
Sis BatesInfield47826
Carrie Eberle43630
Taylor McQuillin38435
Taran Alvelo30451
Samantha Show29453
Kelsey HarshmanInfield28854
Kayla WedlInfield26057
Ciara BryanOutfield 22060
Bubba NicklesOufield

Team Ocasio

AthletePositionTotal PointsRank
Aleshia Ocasio7445
Morgan ZerkleOutfield6569
Haylie Wagner61811
Hannah FlippenInfield52419
Anissa UrtezInfield48625
Alyssa Denham42031
Nadia TaylorInfield42032
Amber Fiser41833
Morgan HoweOutfield41034
Aubree Munro38036
Courtney GanoInfield36639
Taylor Edwards35840
Amanda SanchezInfield33644
Caleigh CliftonInfield33045
Amanda LorenzOufield31449

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