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  1. Ohio State Softball Wins 15-Inning Game Over Wisconsin, Splits Doubleheader

    Ohio State Softball Wins 15-Inning Game Over Wisconsin, Splits Doubleheader

    Mar 11, 2021

    LEESBURG, Fla. – The longest game in Ohio State softball history – 15 innings – ended in the Buckeyes’ favor on Thursday afternoon. And that was just the opening act of the day.
  2. Big Ten Softball: What To Watch For At 2021 THE Spring Games March 11-14

    Big Ten Softball: What To Watch For At 2021 THE Spring Games March 11-14

    Mar 8, 2021

    After a week off, the Big Ten “Bubble” returns to the Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex in Leesburg, Florida with a full weekend slate of conference games set to open on Thursday, March 11.
  3. THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: Big Ten Softball March 11-14, 2021

    THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: Big Ten Softball March 11-14, 2021

    Mar 8, 2021

    How to watch Big Ten softball games with Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, Penn State, Nebraska, Michigan State, Maryland, Iowa, and Rutgers compete at THE Spring Games Feb. 26-28, 2021 on OTT, desktop, or mobile.
  4. THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: February 26-28, 2021

    THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: February 26-28, 2021

    Feb 23, 2021

    THE Spring Games is the World’s largest college softball event with collegiate teams from NCAA Divisions I, NAIA, and NJCAA teams participating from mid-February to the end of March. THE Spring Games will host over 300 games and is available to live stream or on video-on-demand exclusively on FloSoftball. 
  5. Club Softball Teams To Launch Heart Of America Elite Fastpitch League

    Club Softball Teams To Launch Heart Of America Elite Fastpitch League

    May 13, 2020

    Following the announcement of the Texas Fastpitch League, the Heart of America Elite Fastpitch League (HFL) made a similar announcement that will include club softball teams from 21 states.
  6. Rising Star: Wisconsin Bound Peyton Bannon Keeps Getting Better

    Rising Star: Wisconsin Bound Peyton Bannon Keeps Getting Better

    Oct 28, 2019

    When players are given the opportunity to come through in the clutch, some ramp up their adrenaline, become overanxious, and often walk away disappointed with the result. Others, like Peyton Bannon, have the ability to calm their breathing, slow the pace of the game in their mind, and not allow the moment to overtake them.
  7. Did We Witness The Craziest Regionals In Softball History?

    Did We Witness The Craziest Regionals In Softball History?

    May 20, 2019

    What a wild weekend of postseason play with eight regions going to game seven. We saw everything from pitching duels to walk-offs, and thrilling upsets in 2019. Here are some of the top moments from last weekend.
  8. Video: Kayla Konwent’s amazing power numbers

    Video: Kayla Konwent’s amazing power numbers

    Jul 3, 2015

    Here’s all you need to know about how dangerous Kayla Konwent, the 2016 catcher and third baseman from Westosha (Wisc.) Central was at the plate this year: she hit a home run less than every fourth at-bat!
  9. Player Profile: Big Ten-bound Reilly Peters (6/19)

    Player Profile: Big Ten-bound Reilly Peters (6/19)

    Jun 19, 2015

    Today’s spotlight takes us to the West Coast where we look at a California sophomore who’s committed to a Midwest school in a state where she has a lot of family already…
  10. Player Profile: Sydney Supple (11/24)

    Player Profile: Sydney Supple (11/24)

    Nov 24, 2014

    Only a handful of 2019’s have committed and one of them is this Midwest standout who pulled the trigger in committing to a Big Ten program in the last few weeks…
  11. Firecracker Signing Party (11/13)

    Firecracker Signing Party (11/13)

    Nov 14, 2014

    Wednesday saw perhaps the biggest celebration of players signings in the nation take place in Huntington Beach, Calif. as 24 talented athletes who’ll play softball in college converged on the Firecrackers’ training facility to celebrate with their fellow players, families and coaches.
  12. Softball Signing Photos! – Part II (11/13)

    Softball Signing Photos! – Part II (11/13)

    Nov 13, 2014

    The 2014 Signing Period kicked off yesterday for the Class of 2015 and we’ve received dozens of great photos of players inking their Letters of Intent.  Here’s our first Signing Day Photo Gallery of recruits from across the nation!
  13. Video: 2015 Hot 100 candidate Megan Kleist (10/14)

    Video: 2015 Hot 100 candidate Megan Kleist (10/14)

    Oct 14, 2014

    Megan Kleist has emerged as one of the top pitchers in the 2015 class and the outstanding student-athlete is one of those dedicated players who is from one state (Wisconsin, in her case) but plays for a club team in another state (California).
  14. Club Team Listings: 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U (9/5)

    Club Team Listings: 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U (9/5)

    Sep 5, 2014

    Updated (Sept. 5, 2014): we’ve added or modified several dozen more club teams at the 12U, 14U, 16U and 16U levels so check to make sure yours is on the list!
  15. 2014 PGF Nationals – Order of Finish (8/7)

    2014 PGF Nationals – Order of Finish (8/7)

    Aug 7, 2014

    There were seven divisions at the 2014 PGF Nationals–18U Premium, 18U Platinum, 16 Premium, 16 Platinum, 14U Premier, 14U Platinum and 12U–totaling nearly 400 teams from all over the nation. Below you’ll find the final order of finish for every team along with their record. 18U Premier18U Platinum16U Premier16U Platinum14U Premier14U Platinum12U 1st OC Batbusters 7-01st OC Batbusters Briggs 7-01st So Cal Athletics Myers 8-01st Cal Cruisers Evans 6-01st Corona Angels Tyson 8-11st Courage 6-01st So Cal Athletics Mercado 7-0 2nd Corona Angels Tyson 6-12nd Illinois Stars 6-12nd Beverly Bandits 7-22nd OC Batbusters Alvarez 5-22nd So Cal Athletics Quarles 6-22nd Cal Cruisers Kempton/Sievers 5-12nd DirecTV Genies Elite 6-1 3rd So Cal Athletics 7-23rd Central Cal Dirt Dogs 5-23rd Corona Angels 6-23rd CC Dirt Dogs 5-23rd OC Batbusters Campbell 5-23rd TNL Gold 5-23rd Cal Breeze 5-2 3rd Beverly Bandits Conroy 8-23rd USA Athletics Gold Rogers 5-23rd Firecrackers Brashear 8-23rd Power Surge Martinez 4-23rd AZ Suncats 6-23rd Firecrackers 2K 4-23rd Firecrackers Thornburg 7-2 5th East Cobb Bullets 4-25th Lakewood Firecrackers 6-25th East Cobb Bullets Bass 4-25th Firecrackers Flores 4-25th Sorcerers 5-25th USA Athletics Porter 4-25th OC Batbusters Young 4-2 5th Birmingham Thunderbolts 4-25th American Freedom Gold Soefje 8-25th Lady Magic Havey 7-25th TX Mizuno Impulse 5-25th Texas Bombers HTX 6-25th Artesia Punishers Guerrero 6-25th Corona Angels Slye 6-2 7th Explosion 4-27th OC Batbusters Stith 4-27th Atlanta Vipers Kates 4-27th Lil Rebels 4-27th So Cal Athletics T/O 4-27th Pure Fastpitch 3-27th OC Batbusters Stith 4-2 7th Firecrackers Rico 4-27th Cal A's White 4-27th Georgia Impact Gibson 6-27th SA Hitt Futures 5-27th Birmingham Thunderbolts Roberson 6-27th Cal Raiders 3-27th OC Batbusters Bracamonte 5-2 9th NC Lady Lightning Team Miken 4-29th Houston Power Korioth 3-29th Ohio Outlaws 3-29th NW Bullets Evenson 2-29th So Cal A's Natividad 3-29th San Jose Sting 2-29th Birmingham Thunderbolts 3-2 9th Washington Ladyhawks 3-29th American Pastime Gold 3-29th Carolina Elite Fusetti 3-29th Pure Fastpitch 2-29th Beverly Bandits 3-29th CA Kryptonite 3-29th LTG Lions 2-2 9th So Cal Choppers 4-29th Fury Softball 4-29th Birmingham Thunderbolts Horton 3-29th NM Sundancers 2-29th Firecrackers Miller 4-29th So Cal A's Rooney 3-29th OC Batbusters Williams 2-2 9th Team North Florida 5-29th Colorado Styxx 6-29th Irvine Sting 4-29th American Pastime Garcia 4-29th Corona Angels Perez 5-29th AZ Thundercats 4-29th Georgia Impact Stewart 5-2 13th Rhode Island Thunder 3-213th So Cal Fillys 4-213th Explosion Greg 3-213th CA Kryptonite 2-213th Firecrackers AZ 3-213th CC Dirt Dogs Wallace 2-213th OC Batbusters Steele 3-2 13th Bownet 3-213th Omaha Quakes 4-213th So Cal Choppers Shipman/Ziese 3-213th Firecrackers Ted 2-213th Firecrackers Lutterloh 3-213th Firecrackers Chavez 2-213th So Cal Choppers Black 3-2 13th Texas Firecrackers May 4-213th Salinas Storm Armiento 4-213th Washington Ladyhawks 4-213th Cal Cruisers Rott 2-213th Georgia Impact Jeffreys 4-213th Nor Cal Bandits 2-213th Salinas Storm Jimenez 3-2 13th Originals 5-213th Firecrackers Clarke 4-213th Wichita Mustangs 4-213th Firecrackers Roman 2-213th KG Hitters Garcia 4-213th OC Batbusters Ramos 3-213th Epoch 4-2 17th Cal Cruisers Phil/Lyn 3-217th SD Power Surge Gold 2-217th Georgia Elite Hoover 2-217th Texas Blaze 2-217th So Cal Pumas 2-217th Teamsmith Carroll 1-217th Firecrackers Cerritos 2-2 17th Nebraska Gold 2-217th Absolute Blast 3-217th Beverly Bandits DeMarini 2-217th Vienna Stars 1-217th Lil Rebels RC 2-217th Artesia Punishers Anthony 1-217th Corona Angels Tyson 2-2 17th Wichita Mustangs 2-217th Louisiana Voodoo 2-217th Reno Heat 2-217th Washnington Acers 1-217th Atlanta Vipers Vallery 2-217th CV Synergy 1-217th Texas Bombers 2-2 17th KC Peppers 2-217th USA Athletics Catania 2-217th NJ Intensity Hannigan 2-217th CC Dirt Dogs Kubo 1-217th OC Batbusters Briggs 2-217th OC Batbusters Garcia 1-217th Beverly Bandits Premier 3-2 17th Carolina Elite Gold 4-217th Pure Fastpitch 3-217th Indiana Magic Gold 4-217th Idaho Xtreme 1-217th Virginia Glory 3-217th LV Blast Blue 2-217th SA Tapout 3-2 17th AZ Hotshots Ewing 3-217th American Pastime SGV 4-217th Texas Blaze 3-217th OC Elite Esteban 1-217th Gold Coast Hurricanes 3-217th So Cal Sparks 1-217th Case Batbusters 3-2 17th Sorcerers 4-217th TNL Gold 4-217th OC Batbusters Smith 3-217th OC Batbusters Martinez 1-217th Cal Lite 3-217th Salinas Storm Kaiser 1-217th So Cal 3D 2-2 17th KG Hitters 3-217th Lady Hustle 4-217th Gametime Stars 3-217th NWI Sox 2-217th So Cal A's Jendro 3-217th Cal Nuggets Marshall 2-217th So Cal Breakers Montano 2-2 25th Texas Impact Gold 2-225th So Cal Breakers Beddow 2-225th Germantown Red Devils 2-225th So Cal Breakers Williams 1-225th Vienna Stars 2-225th Lady Sharks 1-225th OC Elite Black 2-2 25th Cal Cruisers Sievers 2-225th Texas Team Mizuno Impulse 2-225th Lemont Rockers 2-225th AASA Harrison 1-225th Team California 2-225th Cal Nuggets Morales 0-225th Georgia Impact Newland 2-2 25th Corona Angels Howard 2-225th Arizona Desert Thunder 2-225th Firecrackers DFW Rosales 2-225th Illinois Sparks 1-225th Irvine Sting 2-225th OC Batbusters Valdez 0-225th EC Bullets 1-2 25th Firecrackers Blanco Gold 2-225th Cal Raiders 2-225th Firecrackers Young 2-225th Utah Legacy 0-225th OC Batbusters Granado 2-225th CC Dirt Dogs Ambriz 0-225th AZ Hotshots 1-2 25th Beverly Bandits Team Premier 3-225th Nemesis Elite 2-225th KC Glory 2-225th Bownet 0-225th Georgia Impact Lewis 2-225th CC Athletics 00 0-225th Bownet Black 1-2 25th PA Krunch 2-225th So Cal Diamonds 3-225th Firecrackers AZ Henry 2-225th Utah Pegasus 0-225th Texas Impact 2-225th USA Athletics Zamora 0-225th Firecracker Blanco 1-2 25th Georgia Impact Pauly 2-225th Jets Gold 2-225th Lousiana Pride 2-225th Bayside Blues 0-225th Firecrackers Redmond 2-225th Team California 0-225th AZ Thundercats 2-2 25th Grapettes Gomes 3-225th Iowa Premier Gold 3-225th OC United 3-225th Oklahoma Twisters 0-225th Power Surge Berndes 2-225th KG Hitters 0-225th OC Batbusters Amador 2-2 33rd Georgia Impact Medlam 2-233rd OC Batbusters Lastrapes/Ybarra 2-233rd Lady Lightning Elite 1-233rd Firecrackers DFW EH 0-233rd Washington Sidewinders Seek 1-233rd Cal Stampede 0-233rd Firecrackers Sanchez 1-2 33rd Indiana Magic 1-233rd Texas Rapid Fire 2-233rd CC Athletics Smith 1-233rd Firecrackers DFW Lutz 0-233rd OC Batbusters Lastrapes/Ybarra 1-233rd OC Batbusters Mauga 0-233rd Team Nike 1-2 33rd Newtown Rock 1-233rd Bull Sox Academy 1-233rd Illinois Chill 1-233rd Salinas Storm 0-233rd Texas Bombers Prospects 1-233rd So Cal Breakers Mizuno 0-233rd Firecrackers Gallego 1-2 33rd DeMarini Zephrys 1-233rd San Jose Sting KP 1-233rd Gold Coast Hurricanes 1-233rd AZ Cats 0-233rd Beverly Bandits DeMarini 1-233rd Firecrackers Sjolie 0-233rd OC United 1-2 33rd Killer Bees 1-233rd All American Mizuno 1-233rd NW Blaze 1-233rd OC Batbusters Marinacci 1-233rd Fresno Force Rodriguez 1-2 33rd AZ Firecrackers Randy 1-233rd American Athletics Joiner 1-233rd Lady Sharks Elite 1-233rd Texas Glory Y2K 1-233rd Texas Glory Cantu 0-2 33rd Atlanta Vipers 1-233rd NJ Intensity 1-233rd Nor Cal Firecrackers 1-233rd Lady Magic 1-233rd So Cal Choppers Vidal 0-2 33rd Grapettes KO 1-233rd Strike Zone Ford 2-233rd Minnesota Force 1-233rd Team Georgia 1-233rd OBS Monarchs 0-2 33rd NJ Intensity 1-233rd Quakes Gold 2-233rd Atlanta Vipers Palazzo 1-233rd Team Seattle 1-233rd Cal Lite 0-2 33rd Tennessee Fury 1-233rd Nor Cal Shockers 1-233rd So Cal Athletics Datan 1-233rd Austin Stars 1-233rd KBA 0-2 33rd Texas Storm Wymer 1-233rd VA Glory Gold 1-233rd New Lenox Lightning 1-233rd East Cobb Bullets Millenium 1-233rd Texas Blaze 0-2 33rd Texas Bombers Gold 1-233rd OBS Monarchs 2-233rd Sorcerers 1-233rd NJ Intensity 1-233rd OC Legends 0-2 33rd Firecrackers DFW Poole 1-233rd Utah Pegasus 1-233rd TX Sudden Impact 1-233rd OC Batbusters 2000 1-233rd OC Batbusters Montoya 0-2 33rd Michigan Finesse 1-233rd So Cal 3D 2-233rd EC Bullets Legere 1-233rd GA Power Blue 1-233rd CC Dirt Dogs 0-2 33rd Virginia Legends 2-233rd Firecrackers Pasco 2-233rd Minnesota Sting 1-233rd Lil Rebels 2000 1-233rd So Cal A's Keester 0-2 33rd New Lenox Lightning 2-233rd Northern Ice 2-233rd Firecrackers Blanco 2-233rd CC Dirt Dogs 1-249th San Jose Sting 0-2 49th Batbusters Fox 1-2149th Lady Sluggers 1-249th Lakewood Firecrackers 0-249th Idaho Flash 0-2 49th Texas Aces Express McCorkle 1-249th East Coast Elite 1-249th Lil Rebels 1-249th Georgia Elite 0-249th Texas Mizuno Impulse 0-2 49th Williamsburg Starz 1-249th Nor Cal Patriots 1-249th Cal Breeze 0-249th Lady Lightning 0-249th Firecrackers Manny 0-2 49th So Cal A's Quarles 1-249th Illinois Sparks 1-249th Georgia Impact Daniels 0-249th Lower South Liberty 0-249th Team Georgia 0-2 49th Illinois Chill Gold 1-249th Texas Blaze Lindsey 1-249th Team Seattle 0-249th NWI White Sox 0-249th Texas Glory White 0-2 49th Firecrackers DFW Gold 1-249th Lady Sharks Gold 1-249th Intensity Conover 0-249th NW Bullets 0-249th Nor Cal Firecrackers 0-2 49th Lower South Liberty 0-249th OC Batbusters Lara 1-249th OC Batbusters Lucero 0-249th Cal Breeze 0-249th KG Hitters 0-2 49th Firecrackers Snyder 0-249th Minors Gold Macias 1-249th Batbusters Fox 0-249th Texas Sudden Impact 0-2 49th Strike Force 0-249th NJ Cheetahs 1-249th NW Bullets 0-249th Cal Thunder 0-2 49th NM Sundancers 0-249th Oregon Blaze Gold 1-249th NC Lady Blues 0-249th So Cal Choppers 0-2 49th Gold Coast Hurricanes 0-249th AZ Lil Saints 1-249th Cal Riptide 0-249th USA Elite 0-2 49th NW Bullets 0-249th So Cal Pumas 0-249th NW Batbusters 0-249th Cal A's 0-2 49th St Louis Esprit 0-249th Colorado Stars Gold 0-249th Cal Nuggets 0-249th Atlanta Premier 0-2 49th Irvine Sting 0-249th Cal Thunder 0-249th Idaho Sliders 0-249th Texas Glory Atkins 0-2 49th Texas Glory Shelton 0-249th Texas Peppers 0-249th Texas Glory Naudin 0-249th Carolina Elite 0-2 49th Arizona Storm 0-249th LA Royals 0-249th Minnesota Renegades 0-249th Washington Sidewinders JB 0-2 65th Minors Gold 0-265th NJ Inferno 0-265th Combat Panthers 0-2 65th Firecrackers Blanco 18U 0-265th Artesia Punishers 0-265th Cal Lite 0-2 65th Vienna Stars 0-265th Originals Koop 0-265th USA Athletics Mora 0-2 65th AASA 0-265th Spokane Crash 0-265th AZ Mizuno Storm 0-2 65th Las Vegas Rage Gold 0-265th American Freedom Goodman 0-2 65th Texas Blaze Gold 0-265th So Cal Choppers Castillo 0-2 65th Lady Sluggers 0-265th TS Elite 0-2 65th CA Kryptonite 0-265th Texas Black Widows 0-2 65th Texas Glory RWB 0-2 65th Idaho Diamond Bandits 0-2 65th Colorado Stars Sakamoto 0-2 65th TNL Downs 0-2 65th San Jose Sting Perales 0-2 65th Case Batbusters 0-2 65th Firecrackers DFW FW 0-2 65th NW Batbusters 0-2