picture of 2019 12U PGF Premier Nationals

Completed · Jul 31-Aug 3, 2019

12U PGF Premier Nationals LIVE on FloSoftball August 31-August 3 from Fountain Valley Sports Park, Fields 1-4. Replays available after the conclusion of each game.


Jul 31, 2019


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2019 PGF 12U Premier National Scores



DateTimeField MatchupResult
Wed. 7/318:001Corona Angels TysonvsTX Bombers Gold7-0
Wed. 7/318:002Impact Gold STXvsCC Firecrackers5-0
Wed. 7/318:003Virginia UnityvsGeorgia Impact1-3
Wed. 7/318:004So Cal Choppers GurulevsJacksonville Storm4-5
Wed. 7/318:005Firecrackers TDRvsDS Hotshots Premier 20247-10
Wed. 7/318:006So Cal Choppers FrancovsCC Dirt Dogs3-4
Wed. 7/318:007Hollister BlackjacksvsBreakers Labs Black2-1
Wed. 7/318:008So Cal A's SiofelevsGrapettes1-4
Wed. 7/318:0011AASA MaciasvsBandits Premier3-9

Wed. 7/3110:151Vendetta AZvsTX Glory RWB0-3
Wed. 7/3110:152Batbusters GarciavsI-5 Softball4-0
Wed. 7/3110:153Birmingham ThunderboltsvsFirecrackers Weil9-8
Wed. 7/3110:154Newtown RockvsBatbusters Mascerenas0-3
Wed. 7/3110:155Select FastpitchvsSo Cal A's Beck1-11
Wed. 7/3110:156So Cal A's TerronesvsEC Bullets8-1
Wed. 7/3110:157Carolina CardinalsvsCal Nuggets2-6
Wed. 7/3110:158Corona Angels PerezvsArizona Storm1-0
Wed. 7/3110:1511Firecrackers MartinezvsExplosion Flores1-11

Wed. 7/3112:301San Jose StingvsPower Surge2-4
Wed. 7/3112:302Athletics Mercado OrnelasvsDiamond Fury3-1
Wed. 7/3112:303Atlanta VipersvsAL Firecrackers Christian11-2
Wed. 7/3112:304UniversalvsJersey Intensity10-5
Wed. 7/3112:305Corona Angels MorenovsDS Hotshots0-10
Wed. 7/3112:306So Cal A's CoopervsAthletics Mercado/Carroll3-2
Wed. 7/3112:307Fury PremiervsBandits Demarini0-13
Wed. 7/3112:308AASA MortimervsImpact Gold National 0-10
Wed. 7/3112:3011USA AthleticsvsExplosion Serrano9-7

Wed. 7/312:451Batbusters 2024vsAR Aces3-0
Wed. 7/312:452Corona Angels PerezvsSo Cal Breakers2-6
Wed. 7/312:453SorcerervsTX Glory Adkins8-1
Wed. 7/312:454Lady MagicvsTeam Seattle9-0
Wed. 7/312:455Texas Glory 2024vsTX Blaze Martinez7-0
Wed. 7/312:456Firecrackers ThornburgvsCorona Angels Tyson5-6
Wed. 7/312:457Impact Gold STXvsLTG Lions1-5

Wed. 7/315:001Ohana Tigers QuarlesvsGeorgia Impact4-3
Wed. 7/315:002Jacksonville StormvsChoppers Tiumalu3-4
Wed. 7/315:003SuncatsvsDS Hotshots Premier HTX2-1
Wed. 7/315:004CC Dirt DogsvsTX Bombers Hays0-10
Wed. 7/315:005Batbusters McDonnellvsBlackjacks4-2
Wed. 7/315:006GrapettesvsTX Blaze Slimp8-0
Wed. 7/315:007Breakers Lab BlackvsSo Cal A's Carroll1-2

Wed. 7/317:151So Cal A's SiofelevsCorona Angels Moreno5-2
Wed. 7/317:152Firecrackers TDRvsTX Glory Adkins2-5
Wed. 7/317:153So Cal Choppers FrancovsCorona Angels Perez11-4
Wed. 7/317:154Firecrackers WeilvsVirginia Unity2-4
Wed. 7/317:155So Cal Choppers GurulevsI-5 Softball0-16
Wed. 7/317:156TX Bombers GoldvsFirecrackers Martinez9-1
Wed. 7/317:157CC FirecrackersvsArizona Storm4-3