2019 NPF Schedule

2019 NPF Schedule


2019 NPF Schedule

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DateTime (ET)Visiting TeamHome TeamResultCoverage Link
5/28/20196:35 PMCanadian WildBeijing Eagles4-2Watch Replay
5/29/20196:35 PMCanadian WildBeijing Eagles6-2Watch Replay
5/30/20194:05 PMCanadian WildBeijing Eagles7-6Watch Replay
5/30/20196:35 PMCanadian WildBeijing Eagles1-0Watch Replay
5/31/20196:35 PMCanadian WildBeijing Eagles3-1Watch Replay
6/1/20196:05 PMBeijing EaglesCanadian Wild4-2Watch Replay
6/6/20198:05 PMChicago BanditsCleveland Comets2-0Watch Replay
6/6/20197:35 PMUSSSA PrideCanadian Wild0-8Watch Replay
6/7/20198:35 PMChicago BanditsCleveland Comets8-0Watch Replay
6/7/20198:05 PMUSSSA PrideCanadian Wild4-5Watch Replay
6/8/20198:35 PMChicago BanditsCleveland Comets9-8Watch Replay
6/8/20197:05 PMUSSSA PrideCanadian Wild6-2Watch Replay
6/9/20198:05 PMBeijing EaglesAussie Peppers3-2Watch Replay
6/9/20194:05 PMChicago BanditsCleveland Comets6-1Watch Replay
6/9/20196:35 PMChicago BanditsCleveland Comets10-3Watch Replay
6/9/20196:05 PMUSSSA PrideCanadian Wild3-1Watch Replay
6/10/20198:05 PMBeijing EaglesAussie Peppers2-3Watch Replay
6/10/20197:35 PMUSSSA PrideCanadian Wild3-1Watch Replay
6/11/20196:05 PMBeijing EaglesAussie PeppersRescheduled
6/12/20198:35 PMBeijing EaglesAussie Peppers0-3Watch Replay
6/12/20198:05 PMBeijing EaglesAussie Peppers1-5Watch Replay
6/12/20198:35 PMUSSSA PrideChicago BanditsSuspendedWatch Replay
6/12/20197:05 PMCanadian WildCleveland Comets4-1Watch Replay
6/13/20198:35 PMUSSSA PrideChicago Bandits6-1Watch Replay
6/13/20197:05 PMCanadian WildCleveland Comets1-0Watch Replay
6/14/20195:00 PMChicago BanditsUSA1-6Watch Replay
6/14/20197:35 PMUSSSA PrideUSA7-3Watch Replay
6/14/20194:05 PMBeijing EaglesCanadian Wild4-0Watch Replay
6/14/20197:05 PMCanadian WildCleveland Comets4-2Watch Replay
6/15/20194:00 PMUSSSA PrideUSA2-9Watch Replay
6/15/20194:00 PMChicago BanditsUSA6-4Watch Replay
6/15/20194:05 PMBeijing EaglesCanadian Wild
Watch Replay
6/15/20197:05 PMCanadian WildCleveland CometsRescheduled
6/16/20193:00 PMChicago BanditsUSA2-0Watch Replay
6/16/201911:05 AMBeijing EaglesCleveland Comets8-2Watch Replay
6/16/20192:05 PMCanadian WildCleveland Comets2-1Watch Replay
6/18/20195:05 PMCleveland CometsAussie Peppers2-1Watch Replay
6/18/20198:00 PMAussie PeppersUSSSA Pride0-2Watch Replay
6/19/20196:35 PMCleveland CometsBeijing Eagles1-0Watch Replay
6/19/20197:35 PMChicago BanditsCanadian Wild8-0Watch Replay
6/19/20197:00 PMAussie PeppersUSSSA Pride9-1Watch Replay
6/20/20196:35 PMCleveland CometsBeijing Eagles5-0Watch Replay
6/20/20197:35 PMChicago BanditsCanadian Wild2-8Watch Replay
6/20/20197:00 PMAussie PeppersUSSSA Pride1-8Watch Replay
6/21/20196:35 PMCleveland CometsBeijing Eagles6-0Watch Replay
6/21/20197:35 PMChicago BanditsCanadian Wild8-4Watch Replay
6/21/201910:05 PMChicago BanditsCanadian Wild5-4Watch Replay
6/21/20197:00 PMAussie PeppersUSSSA Pride8-0Watch Replay
6/22/20193:05 PMCleveland CometsBeijing Eagles3-1Watch Replay
6/22/20197:05 PMChicago BanditsCanadian WildRescheduled
6/22/20197:00 PMAussie PeppersUSSSA Pride0-3Watch Replay
6/24/20196:35 PMAussie PeppersBeijing Eagles0-12Watch Replay
6/24/20197:00 PMCleveland CometsUSSSA Pride3-4Watch Replay
6/25/201910:35 AMAussie PeppersBeijing Eagles3-2Watch Replay
6/25/20197:00 PMCleveland CometsUSSSA Pride1-4Watch Replay
6/26/20195:05 PMAussie PeppersBeijing Eagles3-2Watch Replay
6/26/20197:35 PMAussie PeppersBeijing Eagles5-2Watch Replay
6/26/20197:00 PMCleveland CometsUSSSA Pride3-2Watch Replay
6/27/201910:35 AMAussie PeppersBeijing Eagles2-6Watch Replay
6/27/20197:00 PMCleveland CometsUSSSA Pride2-4Watch Replay
6/28/20198:35 PMCanadian WildChicago Bandits1-3Watch Replay
6/29/20199:05 PMCleveland CometsAussie Peppers3-2Watch Replay
6/29/20198:35 PMCanadian WildChicago Bandits1-3Watch Replay
6/30/20196:05 PMCleveland CometsAussie Peppers5-3Watch Replay
6/30/20198:35 PMCleveland CometsAussie Peppers4-1Watch Replay
6/30/20194:05 PMCanadian WildChicago Bandits7-6Watch Replay
7/1/20198:05 PMCleveland CometsAussie Peppers4-3Watch Replay
7/1/20196:05 PMCanadian WildChicago Bandits3-4Watch Replay
7/1/20198:35 PMCanadian WildChicago Bandits2-3Watch Replay
7/1/20197:00 PMBeijing EaglesUSSSA Pride0-4Watch Replay
7/2/20197:00 PMBeijing EaglesUSSSA Pride0-10Watch Replay
7/3/20198:05 PMCanadian WildAussie Peppers5-6Watch Replay
7/3/201912:00 PMCleveland CometsChicago Bandits1-8Watch Replay
7/3/20197:00 PMBeijing EaglesUSSSA Pride0-13Watch Replay
7/4/20198:05 PMCanadian WildAussie Peppers5-2Watch Replay
7/4/20194:05 PMCleveland CometsChicago Bandits0-4Watch Replay
7/4/20197:00 PMBeijing EaglesUSSSA Pride0-10Watch Replay
7/5/20198:35 PMCleveland CometsChicago Bandits1-5Watch Replay
7/6/20196:05 PMCanadian WildAussie Peppers3-1Watch Replay
7/6/20198:35 PMCanadian WildAussie Peppers4-1Watch Replay
7/6/20195:30 PMCleveland CometsChicago Bandits1-3Watch Replay
7/6/20198:00 PMCleveland CometsChicago Bandits2-3Watch Replay
7/8/20198:05 PMChicago BanditsAussie Peppers6-0Watch Replay
7/9/20198:05 PMChicago BanditsAussie Peppers1-5Watch Replay
7/9/20197:05 PMUSSSA PrideCleveland Comets1-3Watch Replay
7/10/20196:05 PMChicago BanditsAussie Peppers3-5Watch Replay
7/10/20198:35 PMChicago BanditsAussie Peppers17-0Watch Replay
7/10/20197:05 PMUSSSA PrideCleveland Comets5-1Watch Replay
7/11/20198:05 PMChicago BanditsAussie Peppers7-1Watch Replay
7/11/20197:05 PMUSSSA PrideCleveland Comets0-5Watch Replay
7/12/20197:05 PMUSSSA PrideCleveland Comets1-2Watch Replay
7/13/20197:05 PMAussie PeppersCleveland Comets0-4Watch Replay
7/14/20192:05 PMAussie PeppersCleveland Comets3-1Watch Replay
7/15/20194:05 PMAussie PeppersCleveland Comets5-4Watch Replay
7/15/20197:05 PMAussie PeppersCleveland Comets0-4Watch Replay
7/15/20198:05 PMChicago BanditsUSSSA Pride2-4Watch Replay
7/16/20197:05 PMAussie PeppersCleveland Comets
Watch Replay
7/16/20198:05 PMChicago BanditsUSSSA Pride1-5Watch Replay
7/18/20198:05 PMAussie PeppersChicago Bandits2-10Watch Replay
7/18/20197:00 PMCanadian WildUSSSA Pride1-4Watch Replay
7/19/20197:05 PMBeijing EaglesCleveland Comets3-6Watch Replay
7/19/20198:35 PMAussie PeppersChicago Bandits0-1Watch Replay
7/19/20197:00 PMCanadian WildUSSSA Pride1-3Watch Replay
7/20/20194:05 PMBeijing EaglesCleveland Comets0-1Watch Replay
7/20/20197:05 PMBeijing EaglesCleveland Comets3-4Watch Replay
7/20/20198:35 PMAussie PeppersChicago Bandits0-5Watch Replay
7/20/20195:30 PMCanadian WildUSSSA Pride1-5Watch Replay
7/20/20198:00 PMCanadian WildUSSSA Pride2-7Watch Replay
7/21/20192:05 PMBeijing EaglesCleveland Comets3-5Watch Replay
7/21/20197:00 PMCanadian WildUSSSA Pride4-5Watch Replay
7/23/20197:35 PMAussie PeppersCanadian Wild1-0Watch Replay
7/23/20197:00 PMBeijing EaglesUSSSA Pride0-2Watch Replay
7/24/20196:35 PMUSSSA PrideBeijing Eagles5-0Watch Replay
7/24/20196:35 PMAussie PeppersCanadian Wild4-1Watch Replay
7/24/20199:05 PMAussie PeppersCanadian Wild0-6Watch Replay
7/25/20197:35 PMAussie PeppersCanadian Wild1-4Watch Replay
7/25/20197:00 PMBeijing EaglesUSSSA Pride6-8Watch Replay
7/26/20193:05 PMChicago BanditsBeijing Eagles4-0Watch Replay
7/26/20196:35 PMUSSSA PrideBeijing Eagles8-0Watch Replay
7/27/20197:05 PMCleveland CometsCanadian Wild2-1Watch Replay
7/28/20196:30 PMChicago BanditsBeijing Eagles3-0Watch Replay
7/28/20195:35 PMCleveland CometsCanadian Wild3-4Watch Replay
7/28/20198:05 PMCleveland CometsCanadian Wild0-3Watch Replay
7/29/20196:35 PMChicago BanditsBeijing Eagles6-0Watch Replay
7/29/20197:35 PMCleveland CometsCanadian Wild5-10Watch Replay
7/30/20193:05 PMChicago BanditsBeijing Eagles4-0Watch Replay
6:30 PMUSSSA Pride
Beijing Eagles
4-1Watch Replay
6:30 PM
Beijing Eagles
2-0Watch Replay
8/2/20198:00 PMChicago BanditsUSSSA Pride
Watch Replay
8/3/20197:00 PMChicago BanditsUSSSA Pride
Watch Replay
9:30 PMChicago Bandits

Watch Replay
8/5/20198:05 PMUSSSA PrideAussie Peppers
Watch Replay
8/5/20198:05 PMBeijing EaglesChicago Bandits
Watch Replay
8/6/20196:05 PMUSSSA PrideAussie Peppers
Watch Replay
8/6/20198:35 PMUSSSA PrideAussie Peppers
Watch Replay
8/6/20196:05 PMBeijing EaglesChicago Bandits
Watch Replay
8/6/20198:35 PMBeijing EaglesChicago Bandits
Watch Replay
8/7/20198:05 PMUSSSA PrideAussie Peppers
Watch Replay
8/7/20198:05 PMBeijing EaglesChicago Bandits
Watch Replay
8/10/20198:35 PMUSSSA PrideChicago Bandits
Watch Replay
8/11/20194:05 PMUSSSA PrideChicago Bandits
Watch Replay
8/15/20198:00 PMChampionship Series - Game 1

Watch Live
8/16/20198:00 PMChampionship Series - Game 2

Watch Live
8/17/20198:00 PMChampionship Series - Game 3

Watch Live
8/18/20196:00 PM

Championship Series - Game 4 - if necessary

Watch Live
8/19/20198:00 PM

Championship Series - Game 5 - if necessary

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