Hot 100 Rankings

2020 Hot 100

This list is an updated version of our initial 2020 Hot 100 rankings and over 40 percent of the players are new additions!

We'll announce the top 10 of the class on Friday, September 29, and shortly after will profile the No. 1 player. Then we'll list the "next in" classes comprising recruits 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, and 401-500, as well as which colleges have done the best so far in recruiting this outstanding group of players.

How are players selected? 

The FloSoftball team does extensive research on the top players by evaluating performances at tournaments, consulting with OnDeck, elite club coaches, and college coaches. We look at high school and travel stats along with team finishes at tournaments. We recommend that player nominations come from the travel or high school coaches.

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