picture of 2021 PGF National Championships 10U/12U/14U

Aug 8-9, 2021

Watch 2021 PGF National Championships 10U/12U/14U live on FloSoftball! Replays available on demand.


See who won the 2021 PGF Nationals Championships in the 10U, 12U, 14U divisions.

14U PGF Premier National Champions: Virginia Unity

  • Runner-up: CA Grapettes 06 Medina

14U PGF Platinum National Champions: Birmingham Thunderbolts 07

  • Runner-up: Impact Gold National Smith

12U PGF Premier National Champions: Beverly Bandits Norwood

  • Runner-up: So Cal Choppers Franco

12U PGF Platinum National Champions: Athletics Mercado Godoy

  • Runner-up: Team Hustle LaDrigue

10U PGF Premier National Champions: Ohana Tigers Iwai/Alcala

  • Runner-up: California Cruisers