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In this Zoom call, I'm joined by Brenton Sullivan, CEO/Co-Founder of FieldLevel, Lynsey Angus, and Jennifer McKibben from Pensacola State. We discuss 2021, 2022 recruiting, and also camps and clinics.  

Some of the biggest takeaways from this call is getting really clear about what's important to you. Big football school? Close to home? Specific major?

What are the wants and needs of the program that you're looking at? Do they have a full roster? Do they have scholarship money for you? Are you fishing in the right pond?

How can your coaches be your biggest advocates during this time of Dead Period? Who are they connected to?

How do you get recruited if you're an international player?

We tackle many of your big questions.


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Lyndsey Angus, Head Softball Coach Pensacola State:

Jennifer McKibben, Assistant Softball Coach Pensacola State: