The Packaged Deal Releases Record-Setting App

The Packaged Deal Releases Record-Setting App

On Wednesday, The Packaged Deal—an all-female collaboration of former D-1 softball players--released an app called MyPackagedDeal

Sep 25, 2015 by Brentt Eads
The Packaged Deal Releases Record-Setting App
​Pictured: Jen Schroeder (middle, kneeling) records an instruction video that will be available on the myPackagedDeall app just released this week.

On Wednesday, The Packaged Deal—an all-female collaboration of former D-1 softball players: Jen Schroeder (UCLA), Amanda Scarborough (Texas A&M), Katie Schroeder (UCLA), and Morgan Stuart (Washington)—released its softball coaching app for iOS called myPackagedDeal and to say it was successful would be the understatement of the year.

In its first day on the market, the app was downloaded over 5,000 times making it the No. 18 most downloaded sports app of the day and the No. 10 best grossing app of the day.

What’s remarkable about this is the basic app is free and to make money (“gross”) users would have to subscribe.

So what has allowed this app to take the softball community by storm?

The myPackagedDeal app—designed with athletes, parents and coaches primarily in mind—allows the user to access a series of videos on hitting, pitching catching, defense and even life lessons anywhere and at any time.

The free version offers 10 videos and the premium subscription unlocks dozens more videos as well as insider tips and fresh content coming from the four founders who also clinics all over the country.

Through the app, the company is getting the word out to anyone who has an Apple iOS device.

Says Jen Schroeder, the lead catching instructor at The Packaged Deal, “The myPackagedDeal (MPD) app is going to revolutionize the way athletes are able to grow both athletically and personally, anytime and anywhere. As players and coaches ourselves, we have spent years learning and evolving through the many layers of this game”

“Now, with MPD we are giving away all of our secrets. MPD is the only app of its kind, and it’s going to change lives.”

The Packaged Deal’s lead defense instructor, Morgan Stuart, says she’s excited that the app will extend the company’s reach which, was amazingly demonstrated over the summer when a seminar presented over the summer for 80 catchers sold out in less than a minute and had athletes attend from as far away as Australia.

“This app broadens the language of our sport into the digital realm in a way that can reach more people in less time,” says Stuar.  “The drills included are tried and tested in our own practice as well as by those we teach around the country.”


More information, a demo video, and a link to the App Store can be found at