2021 THE Spring Games

THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: Big Ten Softball March 11-14, 2021

THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: Big Ten Softball March 11-14, 2021

How to watch Big Ten softball games at THE Spring Games March 11-14, 2021 on OTT, desktop, or mobile.

Mar 8, 2021 by Chez Sievers
THE Spring Games Weekly Viewing Guide: Big Ten Softball March 11-14, 2021

How to watch Big Ten softball games with Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, Penn State, Nebraska, Michigan State, Maryland, Iowa, and Rutgers compete at THE Spring Games Feb. 26-28, 2021 on OTT, desktop, or mobile.

Here's how to watch THE Spring Games 2021 on FloSoftball.

THE Spring Games 2021 starts on March 11, 2021, and runs until March 14, 2021.

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Thursday, March 11
3/11/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 1WisconsinvsOhio State
3/11/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 2Penn StatevsIowa
3/11/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 3RutgersvsMinnesota
3/11/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 4MarylandvsPurdue
3/11/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1WisconsinvsOhio State
3/11/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2Penn StatevsIowa
3/11/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 3RutgersvsMinnesota
3/11/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 4MarylandvsPurdue
3/11/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1NebraskavsMichigan
3/11/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2NorthwesternvsIndiana
3/11/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 3Michigan StatevsIllinois
3/11/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1NebraskavsMichigan
3/11/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2NorthwesternvsIndiana
3/11/20217:15 PMSleepy HollowField 3Michigan StatevsIllinois
Friday, March 12
3/12/202111:00 AMSleepy HollowField 1WisconsinvsOhio State
3/12/202111:00 AMSleepy HollowField 2Penn StatevsIowa
3/12/202111:20 AMSleepy HollowField 3RutgersvsMinnesota
3/12/202111:20 AMSleepy HollowField 4MarylandvsPurdue
3/12/20211:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1NebraskavsMichigan
3/12/20211:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2NorthwesternvsIndiana
3/12/20212:00 PMSleepy HollowField 3Michigan StatevsIllinois
Saturday, March 13
3/13/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 1Ohio StatevsNorthwestern
3/13/202110:00 AMSleepy HollowField 2IowavsMaryland
3/13/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 3IllinoisvsPenn State
3/13/202110:20 AMSleepy HollowField 4MichiganvsWisconsin
3/13/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1Ohio StatevsNorthwestern
3/13/202112:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2IowavsMaryland
3/13/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 3IllinoisvsPenn State
3/13/202112:50 PMSleepy HollowField 4MichiganvsWisconsin
3/13/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 1PurduevsNebraska
3/13/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2MinnesotavsMichigan State
3/13/20214:30 PMSleepy HollowField 3IndianavsRutgers
3/13/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1PurduevsNebraska
3/13/20217:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2MinnesotavsMichigan State
3/13/20217:15 PMSleepy HollowField 3IndianavsRutgers
Sunday, March 14
3/14/20211:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1Ohio StatevsNorthwestern
3/14/20212:00 PMSleepy HollowField 1PurduevsNebraska
3/14/20212:00 PMSleepy HollowField 2IowavsMaryland
3/14/20212:00 PMSleepy HollowField 3IllinoisvsPurdue
3/14/20212:00 PMSleepy HollowField 4MichiganvsWisconsin
3/14/20212:30 PMSleepy HollowField 2MinnesotavsMichigan State
3/14/20214:00 PMSleepy HollowField 3IndianavsRutgers

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