2022 THE Spring Games

2022 THE Spring Games Division I Watch Guide

2022 THE Spring Games Division I Watch Guide

How to watch Division I softball at THE Spring Games live or on-demand on FloSoftball.

Feb 3, 2022 by Cori Kennedy
2022 THE Spring Games Division I Watch Guide

THE Spring Games 2022 is right around the corner. Teams from NCAA Divisions I, II, III, NAIA, and NJCAA will flock to Florida for the world's largest collegiate softball event taking place from mid-February to the end of March. THE Spring Games competitions will be available on live stream or on video-on-demand exclusively on FloSoftball

Here's how to watch THE Spring Games 2022  on FloSoftball.

THE Spring Games 2022  Division I softball starts on February 18, 2021, and runs until March 13, 2021.

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THE Spring Games Division I Softball Schedule

Friday, February 18

Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow111:00 AMUniversity of MissourivsUniversity of South Alabama
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow211:00 AMFlorida Atlantic UniversityvsUniversity of North Carolina
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow411:00 AMThe Ohio State UniversityvsButler University
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow11:30 PMUniversity of North CarolinavsUniversity of Missouri
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow21:30 PMUniversity of MarylandvsFlorida Atlantic University
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow31:30 PMMonmouth UniversityvsBethune Cookman University
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow41:30 PMUniversity of South AlabamavsThe Ohio State University
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow24:00 PMStetson UniversityvsUniversity of Maryland
Fri 2/18/22Sleepy Hollow44:00 PMButler UniversityvsLiberty University

Saturday, February 19

Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow111:00 AMStetson UniversityvsThe Ohio State University
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow211:00 AMBethune Cookman UniversityvsUniversity of Missouri
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow411:00 AMMonmouth UniversityvsUniversity of North Carolina
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow11:30 PMThe Ohio State UniversityvsLiberty University
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow21:30 PMUniversity of MarylandvsBethune Cookman University
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow31:30 PMButler UniversityvsMonmouth University
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow41:30 PMUniversity of North CarolinavsStetson University
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow14:00 PMLiberty UniversityvsUniversity of Maryland
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow34:00 PMUniversity of South AlabamavsButler University
Sat 2/19/22Sleepy Hollow44:00 PMUniversity of MissourivsFlorida Atlantic University

Sunday, February, 20

Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow19:00 AMThe Ohio State UniversityvsUniversity of North Carolina
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow29:00 AMFlorida Atlantic UniversityvsMonmouth University
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow49:00 AMUniversity of South AlabamavsLiberty University
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow111:30 AMUniversity of MarylandvsUniversity of Missouri
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow211:30 AMMonmouth UniversityvsStetson University
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow311:30 AMBethune Cookman UniversityvsButler University
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow411:30 AMLiberty UniversityvsFlorida Atlantic University
Sun 2/20/22Sleepy Hollow32:00 PMStetson UniversityvsBethune Cookman University

Friday, February 25

Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow11:30 PMSiena CollegevsPrinceton University
Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow41:30 PMUniversity of North FloridavsUniversity of Iowa
Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow14:00 PMPrinceton UniversityvsRutgers University
Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow34:00 PMFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityvsCornell University
Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow44:00 PMUniversity of Notre DamevsUniversity of North Florida
Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow16:30 PMRutgers UniversityvsSiena College
Fri 2/25/22Sleepy Hollow46:30 PMUniversity of Notre DamevsUniversity of Iowa
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow111:00 AMUniversity of IowavsCornell University
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow411:00 AMUniversity of North FloridavsPrinceton University
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow11:30 PMSiena CollegevsCornell University
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow31:30 PMFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityvsRutgers University
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow41:30 PMPrinceton UniversityvsUniversity of Notre Dame
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow34:00 PMFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityvsUniversity of Notre Dame
Sat 2/26/22Sleepy Hollow44:00 PMRutgers UniversityvsUniversity of North Florida
Sun 2/27/22Sleepy Hollow19:00 AMCornell UniversityvsSiena College
Sun 2/27/22Sleepy Hollow39:30 AMFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityvsUniversity of Notre Dame
Sun 2/27/22Sleepy Hollow49:00 AMUniversity of IowavsPrinceton University
Sun 2/27/22Sleepy Hollow111:30 AMUniversity of North FloridavsSiena College
Sun 2/27/22Sleepy Hollow312:00 PMUniversity of IowavsFlorida Gulf Coast University
Sun 2/27/22Sleepy Hollow411:30 AMCornell UniversityvsRutgers University

Friday, March 4

Fri 3/4/22Madeira111:00 AMUniversity of Rhode IslandvsLong Island University (NEC)
Fri 3/4/22Madeira211:00 AMUniversity at Albany (America East)vsMiddle Tennessee State University (CUSA)
Fri 3/4/22Madeira311:00 AMCentral Michigan University (MAC)vsUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Fri 3/4/22Madeira11:30 PMRadford UniversityvsUniversity of Rhode Island
Fri 3/4/22Madeira21:30 PMMiddle Tennessee State University (CUSA)vsGeorgetown University (Big East)
Fri 3/4/22Madeira31:30 PMUniversity of Nebraska Omaha (Summit)vsCentral Michigan University (MAC)
Fri 3/4/22Madeira14:00 PMRadford UniversityvsUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Fri 3/4/22Madeira24:00 PMUniversity at Albany (America East)vsGeorgia Southern University
Fri 3/4/22Madeira34:00 PMUniversity of Nebraska Omaha (Summit)vsGeorgetown University (Big East)

Saturday, March 5

Sat 3/5/22Madeira111:00 AMUniversity of Nebraska Omaha (Summit)vsUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sat 3/5/22Madeira211:00 AMCentral Michigan University (MAC)vsMiddle Tennessee State University (CUSA)
Sat 3/5/22Madeira311:00 AMGeorgetown University (Big East)vsUniversity of Rhode Island
Sat 3/5/22Madeira11:30 PMGeorgia Southern UniversityvsUniversity of Rhode Island
Sat 3/5/22Madeira21:30 PMMiddle Tennessee State University (CUSA)vsLong Island University (NEC)
Sat 3/5/22Madeira31:30 PMUniversity at Albany (America East)vsUniversity of Southern Mississippi
Sat 3/5/22Madeira14:00 PMUniversity of Southern MississippivsGeorgia Southern University
Sat 3/5/22Madeira24:00 PMLong Island University (NEC)vsUniversity at Albany (America East)
Sat 3/5/22Madeira34:00 PMUniversity of Nebraska Omaha (Summit)vsRadford University

Sunday, March 6

Sun 3/6/22Madeira19:00 AMRadford UniversityvsMiddle Tennessee State University (CUSA)
Sun 3/6/22Madeira29:00 AMUniversity of Rhode IslandvsCentral Michigan University (MAC)
Sun 3/6/22Madeira39:00 AMUniversity of Southern MississippivsUniversity at Albany (America East)
Sun 3/6/22Madeira111:30 AMGeorgia Southern UniversityvsUniversity of Nebraska Omaha (Summit)
Sun 3/6/22Madeira211:30 AMCentral Michigan University (MAC)vsGeorgetown University (Big East)
Sun 3/6/22Madeira311:30 AMLong Island University (NEC)vsRadford University
Sun 3/6/22Madeira12:00 PMMiddle Tennessee State University (CUSA)vsGeorgia Southern University
Sun 3/6/22Madeira22:00 PMGeorgetown University (Big East)vsLong Island University (NEC)

Tuesday, March 8

Tue 3/8/22Madeira111:00 AMArmy West PointvsWestern Michigan University
Tue 3/8/22Madeira212:00 PMCentral Michigan University (MAC)vsLong Island University (NEC)
Tue 3/8/22Madeira11:30 PMWestern Michigan UniversityvsArmy West Point
Tue 3/8/22Madeira22:30 PMLong Island University (NEC)vsCentral Michigan University (MAC)

Thursday, March 10

Thu 3/10/22Madeira14:00 PMNiagara UniversityvsUniversity of Toledo
Thu 3/10/22Madeira24:00 PMLong Island University (NEC)vsWestern Michigan University
Thu 3/10/22Madeira16:30 PMUniversity of ToledovsLong Island University (NEC)
Thu 3/10/22Madeira26:30 PMWestern Michigan UniversityvsNiagara University

Friday, March 11

Fri 3/11/22Madeira111:00 AMMerrimack CollegevsNiagara University
Fri 3/11/22Madeira211:00 AMLafayette College (Patriot)vsPurdue University
Fri 3/11/22Madeira311:00 AMSiena College (MAAC)vsBucknell University (Patriot)
Fri 3/11/22Madeira11:30 PMCollege of the Holy Cross (Patriot)vsMerrimack College
Fri 3/11/22Madeira21:30 PMUniversity of ToledovsPurdue University
Fri 3/11/22Madeira31:30 PMSiena College (MAAC)vsLong Island University (NEC)
Fri 3/11/22Madeira14:00 PMWestern Michigan UniversityvsCollege of the Holy Cross (Patriot)
Fri 3/11/22Madeira24:00 PMBucknell University (Patriot)vsUniversity of Toledo
Fri 3/11/22Madeira34:00 PMLong Island University (NEC)vsNiagara University

Saturday, March 12

Sat 3/12/22Madeira111:00 AMMerrimack CollegevsSiena College (MAAC)
Sat 3/12/22Madeira211:00 AMLafayette College (Patriot)vsLong Island University (NEC)
Sat 3/12/22Madeira311:00 AMPurdue UniversityvsWestern Michigan University
Sat 3/12/22Madeira11:30 PMSiena College (MAAC)vsCollege of the Holy Cross (Patriot)
Sat 3/12/22Madeira21:30 PMLong Island University (NEC)vsBucknell University (Patriot)
Sat 3/12/22Madeira31:30 PMNiagara UniversityvsPurdue University
Sat 3/12/22Madeira14:00 PMCollege of the Holy Cross (Patriot)vsUniversity of Toledo
Sat 3/12/22Madeira24:00 PMWestern Michigan UniversityvsLafayette College (Patriot)
Sat 3/12/22Madeira34:00 PMNiagara UniversityvsMerrimack College

Sunday, March 13

Sun 3/13/22Madeira19:00 AMSiena College (MAAC)vsLafayette College (Patriot)
Sun 3/13/22Madeira29:00 AMCollege of the Holy Cross (Patriot)vsNiagara University
Sun 3/13/22Madeira39:00 AMPurdue UniversityvsWestern Michigan University
Sun 3/13/22Madeira111:30 AMLafayette College (Patriot)vsMerrimack College
Sun 3/13/22Madeira211:30 AMPurdue UniversityvsSiena College (MAAC)
Sun 3/13/22Madeira311:30 AMBucknell University (Patriot)vsWestern Michigan University
Tue 3/15/22Madeira211:00 AMLafayette College (Patriot)vsNiagara University
Tue 3/15/22Madeira21:30 PMNiagara UniversityvsLafayette College (Patriot)

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