picture of Women's Softball European Championship 2017

Jun 29-Jul 1, 2017

Women's Softball European Championship 2017 to stream LIVE on FloSoftball June 29-July 1 (See Streaming Schedule for times). European teams from Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, and more will compete in Bollate, Italy for the European Championship.

Thursday, June 29 (All Times CET Time Zone) 

Game Time Field Home   Visitors
SF2 14:00 Bollate 1 Italy vs Great Britain
SF3 18:30 Bollate 1 Russia vs Greece
SF4 TBD Bollate 1 Russia vs Great Britain
SF5 TBD Bollate 1 Netherlands vs Italy

Friday, June 30 (All Times EST Time Zone)

Game Time Field Home   Visitors

8:00 AM Bollate 1 Belguim vs Ukraine
7th 10:15 AM Bollate 1Sweden vs Spain
P1 12:30 PM Bollate 1 Great Britain vs Czech Republic
P2 2:45 PM Bollate 1 Italy vs Netherlands

Saturday, July 1 (All Times EST Time Zone)

Time Field Home   Visitors
4:30 AM Bollate 1 Austria vs Germany
7:00 AM Bollate 1Italy vs Great Britain
9:30 AM Bollate 1 France vs ::: WINNER PP3 :::
12:00 PM Bollate 1 Netherlands vs ::: WINNER P3 :::