picture of 2019 The Gem of the Hills

Oct 25-27, 2019

The Gem Softball Showcase, Central Florida’s newest college showcase tournament, incorporates FlightScope’s data technology to demonstrate to college coaches which players are true “gamers” in a five-game guarantee (4-1 format) where all games count. 

Sunday, October 27 (All Times Are Listed In ET)

9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F1[4] Texas Glory TPAvs[5] Firecrackers Bias18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F2[2] Florida Elite Greenvs[4] South Florida Wicked 3N2 National18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F3[3] North Florida Ragevs[5] So Cal Athletics Krohn18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F4[6] Wagners Gold Smithvs[9] NLS VanLandinham18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F5[2] Firecrackers FL Diemervs[4] SFL Diamond Dusters Gabriele18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F6[3] Fl Storm Ralph/Francisvs[4] Clearwater Bullets- Klinefelter18U

10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F1[1] Renegades - ZweifelvsBracket Winner B118U
10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F2Bracket Winner B2vsBracket Winner B318U
10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F5[1] South Florida Diamond Dusters HodgesvsBracket Winner B718U
10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F6Bracket Winner B8vsBracket Winner B918U
10:30 AMSeminole - F1Bracket Winner B1vsBracket Winner B216U
10:30 AMSeminole - F2Bracket Winner B3vsBracket Winner B416U
10:30 AMSeminole - F3[4] Texas Glory Tampavs[5] Gold Coast Hurricanes Goodall16U
10:30 AMSeminole - F4[1] Tampa Mustangs-Neptunevs[6] Clearwater Lady Bombers 16u Spruill16U
10:30 AMSeminole - F5[1] Clearwater Bullets- 04vsBracket Winner B816U

12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F1Bracket Winner B4vsBracket Winner B518U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F2[6] North Florida Synergyvs[7] Fl Storm Gold18U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F3[1] OC ThundervsBracket Winner B114U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F4[6] Florida Premier Johnsonvs[8] Florida Select Card18U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F5[3] NLS Goldvs[5] Empire State Huskies Showcase18U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F6Bracket Winner B10vsBracket Winner B1118U
12:00 PMSeminole - F1Bracket Winner B5vsBracket Winner B616U
12:00 PMSeminole - F2[2] Firecrackers Williamsvs[3] Gold Coast Hurricanes Hoyt16U
12:00 PMSeminole - F3[1] Santa Fe Inferno (Arsenault 16U)vsBracket Winner B1216U
12:00 PMSeminole - F4[4] Atlanta Vipers Hudsonvs[5] V2Pro16U
12:00 PMSeminole - F5Bracket Winner B10vsBracket Winner B916U

1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F1[3] Clearwater Lady Bombersvs[4] Palm Beach Bandits 18U18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F2[5] Quicksilver 18u -Williamsvs[6] West Boynton Lady Bandits Gold18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F3Bracket Winner B3vsBracket Winner B214U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F4Bracket Winner B13vs[1] Florida Select Davis18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F5Bracket Winner B14vs[2] Firecrackers Gold18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F6[3] NLS Melendezvs[5] V2Pro18U
1:30 PMSeminole - F1[4] North Florida Ruthlessvs[5] Florida Storm German 0516U
1:30 PMSeminole - F2[4] Bandits Black 16Uvs[6] Florida Smoke 0316U
1:30 PMSeminole - F3Bracket Winner B14vsBracket Winner B1316U
1:30 PMSeminole - F4[2] Tampa Mustangs Dodgevs[3] Florida Gold John16U
1:30 PMSeminole - F5[1] Turnin 2 MarravsBracket Winner B1616U

3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F1Bracket Winner B18vs[1] NLS K318U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F2Bracket Winner B19vs[2] JAX Fusion Elite18U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F3Bracket Winner B23vs[1] Batbusters Roberts18U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F4Bracket Winner B15vsBracket Winner B1618U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F5Bracket Winner B24vs[2] Kissimmee Power18U
3:00 PMSeminole - F1[2] Pro Impactvs[3] Volts16U
3:00 PMSeminole - F2[1] South Florida Wicked 16U BlackvsBracket Winner B2016U
3:00 PMSeminole - F3[2] Jacksonville Storm Gold Harrisvs[3] Firecrackers Yeary16U
3:00 PMSeminole - F4[1] SFL Diamond Dusters GonzovsBracket Winner B2416U
3:00 PMSeminole - F5Bracket Winner B18vsBracket Winner B1716U

4:30 PMSeminole - F1Bracket Winner B22vsBracket Winner B2116U
4:30 PMSeminole - F3Bracket Winner B26vsBracket Winner B2516U

4:45 PMSoldiers Creek - F1Bracket Winner B20vsBracket Winner B2118U
4:45 PMSoldiers Creek - F3Bracket Winner B25vsBracket Winner B2618U