2019 The Gem of the Hills

2019 The Gem of the Hills

Oct 25-27, 2019

Sunday, October 27 (All Times Are Listed In ET)

9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F1[4] Texas Glory TPAvs[5] Firecrackers Bias18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F2[2] Florida Elite Greenvs[4] South Florida Wicked 3N2 National18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F3[3] North Florida Ragevs[5] So Cal Athletics Krohn18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F4[6] Wagners Gold Smithvs[9] NLS VanLandinham18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F5[2] Firecrackers FL Diemervs[4] SFL Diamond Dusters Gabriele18U
9:00 AMSoldiers Creek - F6[3] Fl Storm Ralph/Francisvs[4] Clearwater Bullets- Klinefelter18U

10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F1[1] Renegades - ZweifelvsBracket Winner B118U
10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F2Bracket Winner B2vsBracket Winner B318U
10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F5[1] South Florida Diamond Dusters HodgesvsBracket Winner B718U
10:30 AMSoldiers Creek - F6Bracket Winner B8vsBracket Winner B918U
10:30 AMSeminole - F1Bracket Winner B1vsBracket Winner B216U
10:30 AMSeminole - F2Bracket Winner B3vsBracket Winner B416U
10:30 AMSeminole - F3[4] Texas Glory Tampavs[5] Gold Coast Hurricanes Goodall16U
10:30 AMSeminole - F4[1] Tampa Mustangs-Neptunevs[6] Clearwater Lady Bombers 16u Spruill16U
10:30 AMSeminole - F5[1] Clearwater Bullets- 04vsBracket Winner B816U

12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F1Bracket Winner B4vsBracket Winner B518U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F2[6] North Florida Synergyvs[7] Fl Storm Gold18U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F3[1] OC ThundervsBracket Winner B114U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F4[6] Florida Premier Johnsonvs[8] Florida Select Card18U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F5[3] NLS Goldvs[5] Empire State Huskies Showcase18U
12:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F6Bracket Winner B10vsBracket Winner B1118U
12:00 PMSeminole - F1Bracket Winner B5vsBracket Winner B616U
12:00 PMSeminole - F2[2] Firecrackers Williamsvs[3] Gold Coast Hurricanes Hoyt16U
12:00 PMSeminole - F3[1] Santa Fe Inferno (Arsenault 16U)vsBracket Winner B1216U
12:00 PMSeminole - F4[4] Atlanta Vipers Hudsonvs[5] V2Pro16U
12:00 PMSeminole - F5Bracket Winner B10vsBracket Winner B916U

1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F1[3] Clearwater Lady Bombersvs[4] Palm Beach Bandits 18U18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F2[5] Quicksilver 18u -Williamsvs[6] West Boynton Lady Bandits Gold18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F3Bracket Winner B3vsBracket Winner B214U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F4Bracket Winner B13vs[1] Florida Select Davis18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F5Bracket Winner B14vs[2] Firecrackers Gold18U
1:30 PMSoldiers Creek - F6[3] NLS Melendezvs[5] V2Pro18U
1:30 PMSeminole - F1[4] North Florida Ruthlessvs[5] Florida Storm German 0516U
1:30 PMSeminole - F2[4] Bandits Black 16Uvs[6] Florida Smoke 0316U
1:30 PMSeminole - F3Bracket Winner B14vsBracket Winner B1316U
1:30 PMSeminole - F4[2] Tampa Mustangs Dodgevs[3] Florida Gold John16U
1:30 PMSeminole - F5[1] Turnin 2 MarravsBracket Winner B1616U

3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F1Bracket Winner B18vs[1] NLS K318U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F2Bracket Winner B19vs[2] JAX Fusion Elite18U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F3Bracket Winner B23vs[1] Batbusters Roberts18U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F4Bracket Winner B15vsBracket Winner B1618U
3:00 PMSoldiers Creek - F5Bracket Winner B24vs[2] Kissimmee Power18U
3:00 PMSeminole - F1[2] Pro Impactvs[3] Volts16U
3:00 PMSeminole - F2[1] South Florida Wicked 16U BlackvsBracket Winner B2016U
3:00 PMSeminole - F3[2] Jacksonville Storm Gold Harrisvs[3] Firecrackers Yeary16U
3:00 PMSeminole - F4[1] SFL Diamond Dusters GonzovsBracket Winner B2416U
3:00 PMSeminole - F5Bracket Winner B18vsBracket Winner B1716U

4:30 PMSeminole - F1Bracket Winner B22vsBracket Winner B2116U
4:30 PMSeminole - F3Bracket Winner B26vsBracket Winner B2516U

4:45 PMSoldiers Creek - F1Bracket Winner B20vsBracket Winner B2118U
4:45 PMSoldiers Creek - F3Bracket Winner B25vsBracket Winner B2618U
Event Info
The Gem Softball Showcase, Central Florida’s newest college showcase tournament, incorporates FlightScope’s data technology to demonstrate to college coaches which players are true “gamers” in a five-game guarantee (4-1 format) where all games count. 
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