2022 Northern Lights Southern Nights

2022 Northern Lights Southern Nights

Feb 10-13, 2022

Thursday, February 12

Time (ET)FieldMatchup
4:30 PM
Home Run Derby

6:00 PMField 1University of Kentucky (SEC)
University of Wisconsin (Big Ten)

Friday, February 11

Time (ET)FieldMatchup
10:00 AMField 4 University of Iowa (Big Ten)vsEastern Kentucky University (ASUN)
10:00 AMField 1 University of Missouri (SEC)vsPennsylvania State University (Big Ten)
10:00 AMField 2 University of Pittsburgh (ACC)vsMichigan State University (Big Ten)
12:30 PMField 3 Liberty University (ASUN)vsUniversity of Iowa (Big Ten)
12:30 PMField 1 University of Connecticut (AAC)vsUniversity of Missouri (SEC)
12:30 PMField 4 Michigan State University (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Kentucky (SEC)
1:00 PMField 2 Eastern Kentucky University (ASUN)vsUniversity of Wisconsin (Big Ten)
3:00 PMField 3 Northwestern University (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Connecticut (AAC)
3:00 PMField 1 University of Kentucky (SEC)vsLiberty University (ASUN)
3:30 PMField 4 University of Wisconsin (Big Ten)vsVirginia Tech (ACC)
4:00 PMField 2 University of Akron (MAC)vsUniversity of Pittsburgh (ACC)
6:00 PMField 1 Virginia Tech (ACC)vsNorthwestern University (Big Ten)

Saturday, February 12

Time (ET)FieldMatchup
10:00 AMField 1 University of Iowa (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Kentucky (SEC)
10:00 AMField 4 University of Akron (MAC)vsNorthwestern University (Big Ten)
11:00 AMField 2 University of Pittsburgh (ACC)vsEastern Kentucky University (ASUN)
12:30 PMField 1 Northwestern University (Big Ten)vsLiberty University (ASUN)
1:00 PMField 4 Michigan State University (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Connecticut (AAC)
1:00 PMField 3 University of Wisconsin (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Akron (MAC)
1:30 PMField 2 Eastern Kentucky University (ASUN)vsPennsylvania State University (Big Ten)
3:30 PMField 1 University of Missouri (SEC)vsUniversity of Wisconsin (Big Ten)
3:30 PMField 4 Michigan State University (Big Ten)vsVirginia Tech (ACC)
4:00 PMField 3 University of Connecticut (AAC)vsPennsylvania State University (Big Ten)
6:00 PMField 1 Virginia Tech (ACC)vsUniversity of Missouri (SEC)

Sunday, February 13 *Games are delayed. The new schedule will be released shortly.

Time (ET)FieldMatchup
9:00 AMField 3 University of Pittsburgh (ACC)vsUniversity of Iowa (Big Ten)
9:00 AMField 4 Northwestern University (Big Ten)vsEastern Kentucky University (ASUN)
9:00 AMField 2 University of Wisconsin (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Connecticut (AAC)
10:30 AMField 1 University of Kentucky (SEC)vsVirginia Tech (ACC)
11:30 AMField 3 Pennsylvania State University (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Pittsburgh (ACC)
11:30 AMField 4 University of Akron (MAC)vsMichigan State University (Big Ten)
1:00 PMField 1 Liberty University (ASUN)vsUniversity of Missouri (SEC)
2:00 PMField 4 Pennsylvania State University (Big Ten)vsUniversity of Akron (MAC)
Event Info
The Sleepy Hollow Complex in Leesburg, Florida will be the site of the first Northern Lights/Southern Nights Invitational on February, 11-13, 2022. To be considered for the event, teams must be either top-25 programs or other top-RPI teams who have legitimate aspirations to make the post-season NCAA tournament. In 2022, the eight-team field will include three teams who lost in last year’s super-regional finals, and three other participants of the 2021 tournament, creating a strong field from top to bottom. Programs coming to Leesburg are Missouri, Virginia Tech, Kentucky, Northwestern, Liberty, Eastern Kentucky, Wisconsin, and UConn.