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Opening Up Conversation With Coaches

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Opening Up Conversation With Coaches | Episode 13 The Chez Show With Lincoln Martin

May 12, 2020

In episode 13, Lincoln Martin joins The Chez Show to discuss the importance of communication and relationship building with players, No. 1 player prospects, foundational principles, and more.

Martin was a former Baltimore Orioles baseball player turned scout for the Astros and Marlins. He's also the owner/instructor at Top Tier Sports Athletics. Martin has worked with and continues to work with the top baseball and softball prospects from the Southeast.

Breaking Down The Conversation

Intro To Softball

Biggest Misconception When It Comes To Hitting

Collaborative vs One Way Conversations

Deconstructing Old Patterns

Designing A Practice

Establishing A Foundational Belief System

Identifying Deficiencies

Importance Of Evaluations

Ingredients For Best Of Both Worlds Coach

New Hitting Student, Where Do You Start? 

Opening Up Conversation With Coaches

The Scouting Mindset 

Top Prospect Debate