Athletes Unlimited | Week 1 Teams

Athletes Unlimited | Week 1 Teams

Meet the squads for Week 1 of Athletes Unlimited Softball Season 2.

Aug 27, 2021 by FloSoftball Staff
Athletes Unlimited | Week 1 Teams

By Bruce Miles

Athletes Unlimited Softball began its second season on Tuesday evening with the Week 1 Draft, hosted live on Facebook and YouTube. With both returners and newcomers filling the 60-player roster, the first four captains selected their teams for Week 1 of competition.

Returning Champion Cat Osterman will captain the gold team this week. The three returning medalists from Season 1: Jessie Warren (Orange), Victoria Hayward (Blue) and Erika Piancastelli (Purple) will also captain teams during Week 1.

Team Osterman (Gold)

Draft AthletePosition
CCat OstermanLeft-Handed Pitcher
1Haylie McCleneyOutfield
2Tori VidalesInfield
3Odicci AlexanderRight-Handed Pitcher
4Sahvanna JaquishCatcher
5Dejah MulipolaCatcher
6Aliyah AndrewsOutfield
7Shelby PendleyInfield
8Abby RamirezInfield
9Randi RuppRight-Handed Pitcher
10Kelsey StewartInfield
11Lilli PiperInfield
12Michelle MoultrieOutfield
13Nicole NewmanRight-Handed Pitcher
14Sami WilliamsInfield

Team Warren (Orange)

Draft AthletePosition
CJessica WarrenInfield
1Amanda LorenzOutfield
2Danielle O'TooleLeft-Handed Pitcher
3Amanda ChidesterCatcher
4Taylor McQuillinLeft-Handed Pitcher
5Anissa UrtezInfield
6Sydney RomeroShortstop
7Jazmyn JacksonOutfield
8Jessie HarperInfield
9Jessica BurroughsRight-Handed Pitcher
10Sashel PalaciosCatcher
11Amanda SanchezInfield
12Kayla WedlOutfield
13Gina SnyderPitcher
14Aubree MunroCatcher

Team Hayward (Blue) 

Draft AthletePosition
CVictoria HaywardOutfield
1Haylie WagnerLeft-Handed Pitcher
2Hannah FlippenInfield
3Aleshia OcasioRight-Handed Pitcher
4Ali AguilarInfield
5Gwen SvekisCatcher
6Morgan HoweOutfield
7Sis BatesInfield
8Nadia TaylorInfield
9Amber FiserRight-Handed Pitcher
10Morgan ZerkleOutfield
11Alyssa DenhamRight-Handed Pitcher
12DJ SandersInfield
13Jordan RobertsCatcher
14Katiyana MaugaInfield

Team Piancastelli (Purple) 

Draft AthletePosition
CErika PiancastelliCatcher
1Sara GroenewegenRight-Handed Pitcher
2Britt VonkInfield
3Carrie EberleRight-Handed Pitcher
4Kelsey HarshmanInfield
5Megan WigginsOutfield
6Caleigh CliftonInfield
7Janie ReedOutfield
8Taran AlveloRight-Handed Pitcher
9Riley SartainInfield
10Taylor EdwardsCatcher
11Samantha ShowRight-Handed Pitcher
12Sam FischerInfield
13Courtney GanoInfield
14Ciara BryanOutfield

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